A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale A fairy tale. Ruby Red, a tale of deceit By Robyn Smith The winter in Argroutsmere had always set on early. It was October, all hallows eve and winter was already here, infact one of the coldest that this small quaint kingdom had ever seen. The trees turned to glass, their branches heavy in a frozen ache, layer upon layer of feather light crystals had gracefully drifted and floated from the heavens, to make this land as pure and white as above. The bear tracks below filling in slowly, the owner long passed.

A blanket of fleece covered the earth, a barrier between warmth below and harsh cold above. The lake was of crystal, jewels hidden in the bushes, Sharp daggers of ice, hung from the overhangs over time growing in size, bars imprisoning the occupants. As freezing dusk closed and the winter’s sun set, a wondrous ghost like silence descended and awesomely deceptive beauty enveloped the land as far as the eye could see. This grand castle and its small village were put under a spell as an evil haze enshrouded all. Something hung in the air, foulness perhaps like a bad smell, but no one knew quite what it was.

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A doctor from the village, hurrying along, cheeks rosy red, panting puffs of hot breath, slipped and fell on the icy path; a pack of ravenous wolves, saliva dripping from razor sharp teeth, their eyes crimson, savaged and ripped their meal to pieces. The fear and pleading in his eyes ignored, unable to call out, his throat a fountain of warm scarlet life, soon to be depleted, was dragged into the forest by the villains of the night. Leaving a once warm, now frozen trail leading into the depths of mist and evil. Contrast, the white serene innocence of the snow, the black intensity of the night, the strange beauty of the bloody carmine coloured trail. A shadow cast over the scene, went from being wolf like, rugged and on all fours to standing on it’s two hind legs, tall muscular and streamlined. He grunted cleared his throat and stopped to admire his handy work, he picked up the doctor’s bag and wiped the blood off, something inside him made him want to lick his hand.

Oh and where his manners? He muttered wiped himself down and out of thin air appeared his clothes. He started walking quickly, picking meat out of his teeth wishing he had not eaten so much, his stomach was not used to raw meat. He was here, the right place; he had a strong feeling. Confidence in his stride, he carried on walking up to the gate as if he could just pass straight through it, effortlessly it swung open before him, an invisible hand had rendered the cast iron latch broken, the bolt had bent unable to force a path through the cobble drive. He walked up the garden, his footsteps should have been accompanied by the crunch of snow, yet there was silence and he had indeed left no footprints at all. He stopped at the huge front door and rung the doorbell.

The door swung open, before him stood a small, middle aged woman. “Oh! Hello are you doctor Sanguine?” “Er, no I’m afraid that he could not make tonight’s appointment, I think he had some trouble with dinner.” “Well I hope he’s alright then. Please doctor, come this way we’re so glad you’re here” She led him up the huge staircase dominating the warmly decorated entrance hall, As they neared the top, He could hear piercing screams of agony. He was led through the door into the bedroom where the queen was in labour, She was clearly in a lot of pain even though it was her second child. The king, who was frantic and clearly bemused by the whole situation, greeted him while wiping beads of sweat off his brow. “Where’s Doctor Sanguine?” Demanded the king, as if the stranger was not there. “I’m afraid he couldn’t make it, I’m his replacement, Doctor ..

Doctor Heinous, and if you don’t mind could you leave now, please?” He said, forcing the king out of the room. “Well if that’s the right thing to do I’ll leave you to it then, she will be ok, won’t she?” His question was unanswered; the door had just slammed in his face. The doctor set about work, he filled a needle and emptied the bag. He leaned to the queen and told her that if she should survive, it would be a miracle, and he did not believe in miracles. Only God did miracles, and he was on the other side. She looked through frightened eyes, her heart started beating faster. He injected a yellow solution into her arm.

She felt powerless and limp. The contraction stopped, suddenly. She felt immense pain in her stomach, she realized that the doctor had put his hands into her stomach, he was pulling her baby out, straight out of a hole, that he had made himself, with his own bare hands. The room started swirling, black and red, the sight of all her blood, why wasn’t her baby crying, then blackness. The baby was straining, trying to cry, but then for some reason it was over come with contentment.

The doctor examined the child, he found what he was looking for, a small mark on her chest, the symbols meant holy child, she was the divine immaculate chosen one, and evil had her, in it’s clutches, there was absolutely know way that heaven would win now. Slowly the mucky goo and blood cleaned it self-up. The baby seemed comfortable and sleepy, he had often found that he had that effect on people. He wrapped up the child in a blanket, and placed her in the bag. The hole in the queen’s stomach sewed it self up, the blood was no longer there.

The bed sheet moved up to cover her body. He walked out of the room, he consoled the king, wishing his deepest sympathy for the death of his wife and child, he was sorry that there was nothing that he could do to save them. He told them that his child was still born, and that she was wrapped up on the bed. In the dark room behind him the blanket on the bed swelled up to a baby shape, as if obeying his command, then he changed his mind. It deflated, he wanted to leave more of a bad impression and memory and due to this mission being low key he could not make a spectacular exit in case it caused a stir.

And with that he was gone, leaving the king a widower to bring up his son alone and the boy an only child. He was pleased with him self, phase two completed, and all in one night. The precious bundle began to stir in the bag as he moved quickly through the forest. He came apon a cottage, deep in the dank murky recesses of …