Abortion Issues

Abortion Issues Abortion has been one the most controversial subjects in American history both socially and politically. Both sides have their points that they stand on. Though it looks like both sides will never come up with a solution to their problem it has split America in to two sides; pro – choice and pro – life. In January 22, 1973 U. S Supreme Court declared that a women had the ” Fundamental Fight” to have an abortion, the ruling set off a vociferous and protracted battle marked by demonstrations and sloganeering, sit – ins and arrests.

There included dozens of legal challenges that gave some victories in court. These rulings gave some comfort to the pro – life supporters to their defeat. In 1973 the rulings impose some restrictions on miners seeking abortions, usually requiring parental notification or consent. Nineteen states have imposed a mandatory waiting period for women seeking abortions, and all but 12 states oppose public funding for abortions. Opponents of abortion state the point that abortion is morally wrong and is also a form of murder. Meanwhile, pro – choice objected by saying it’s the individuals choice of free will to do what they think is right.

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Pro – life brings up a point by saying what right do people have to aborting a fetus simply because it’s the wrong sex. Another reason for abortions are unwanted pregnancies as well as the emotional instability of teenage girls in deciding how to handle an unplanned pregnancy. Rape is another reason for people to have abortion; pro-life simple say’s it’s not the feuds fault for what’s happened. Simply if you can’t bare raising a child because of rape, money problems, or commitment, just give the child up for adoption. Many who protect abortion are people of conscience.

They know that their opposition to this procedure can not justify murdering those where medical practice includes ending unwanted pregnancies. A few however consider themselves religious warrior and above the law. These radicalists go to extremes by bombing or shooting clinics. Several insentience of this type of violence has acceded around the U.S. Including the murder of Dr.

Slepian who was shoot when leaving the abortion clinics where he worked at. While the debate over abortion’s seemed to be intensifying with protests in front of abortions clinics, courtrooms battles, and with shooting and bombing of clinics in the media. New evidence shows that abortions has dropped to about 1.5 million a year in 1996, the lowest since 1979. For abortion opponent’s it’s their efforts both protects and public education that seems to be working. “Hallelujah!” says Randall Terry of the protect group Operation Reuse. Also pro-life are happy that there’s fewer women seeking abortions. But abortions supporters feel that clinic protests have driven some patients away.

There is some evidence that more women have started using birth control, because of the fear of AIDS. Yet it has not effected the teen abortion rate any. The new laws also may play a part for the down fall of abortion’s which includes parental consent, and waiting requirements, may make some women choose to change their minds. The propaganda techniques use on TV like showing a children swinging on swings. Since 1982 the has been an 18% drop in abortion providers nationwide, leaving 84% of counties with none.

Hospitals dropped from 81% in 1973 to 36% 1996. “Many women change their minds not because they want to remain pregnant but because they’ve afraid of going though the picket lines”, says Rode Island abortion doctor Poblo Rodriguez. While clinic violence may have contributed to the decline in abortion’s so have the general changes in society and morality. Although there will probably never be a solution to the abortion issue. It boils down to the individual choose. If you decide to have an abortion make sure your totally confident before you make dissonant.

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