Albert Einstien

Albert Einstein
My report will be about Albert Einstein and what his life was about. Also
what kinds of theories he thought about.

Albert Einstein lived between the years of (1879-1905). His life began when
he was born in Prinstone, New Jersey in 1879, March 14. Albert Einstein was born
with bright brown eyes, round cheeks, and a little bit of black hair. Albert Einstein
started school when he was five years-old. Albert Einstein was Jewish, but still went
to a Catholic Elementary School. The name of Albert Einstein parents were Herman
Einstein and Pauline Einstein. Albert’s parents were not strict with him. Albert’s
parents were scared because Albert was not growing normally.
Albert’s parents were confused because he was late in talking. Later, when
Albert was twelve, he went to Luitfield Gymnasium Middle school. It was also a
Catholic school. Kid’s Alberts age in middle school, liked to play with various types
of toy soldiers. But Albert didn’t want to have anything to do with that. Albert
Einstein always got good grades. Especially in math because that was his favorite
subject. He never got a good grade lower than an A+ in math.

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Then after middle school, he went to high school. He continued to get good
grades in high school. His parents were proud of him since he was getting good
grades, except for one class. It was science, the class he hated the most. He never
liked that class ever since he took the course in middle school.

After high school, Albert Einstein enrolled in Polytechnic Institute in Zurich,
Switzerland when he was seventeen years of age. Albert studied mathematics and
physics which the professor did not like. However, Albert continued to study very
hard while he attended college. In 1900, Albert graduated from college, and was
asked to join the physic department but Albert denied the request. After college,
Albert moved to Switzerland where he became a citizen. He stayed in Switzerland
three years where he met Mileva Maric.
In 1903, after they got very well acquainted, both decided to get married. His
marriage produced to sons.

World War I caused Alberts separation from his family. With time on his
hands, Albert began to write his theories in the local paper. One of his first theories
was the theory of relativity which proved the rapidness of motion, the speed of light,
and many other phenomena’s. Later he started thinking of making inventions. Some
of his inventions were a new camera, and improvements of the “Popgun” (a gun).
However, this did not mean that he was through with physics. He was hoping to get
Ph.D. from the University of Zurich.
Sometimes when he would think of an invention, he would get a scrap paper
and write his ideas down. After time past, Albert received the Noble Prize for his
Theory of Relativity in the field of Theoretical Physics. As time past, Alberts live
changed dramatically. In January of 1905, Alberts father passed away. He died of
two years after Albert got married.

His second theory was the “Theory of the Creation and Conversion of Light.

That theory proved the radiation of electromagnetic wave. That is when “Electro-
magnetic radiation is a flow of discreet particles.” This theory also predicted that
electromagnetic in a strong gravitational field would be shifted to wavelengths.

His third theory was one of his best theory he ever thought of.
That theory was “The theory of E=mc2.” This theory
“proved that if a body gives off energy, E in the form of radiation, its mass
diminishes be E/c2( where c is the velocity of light), obtaining the celebrated
equation E=mc2 relating mass and energy.” After time past, Einstein’s theory of
relativity became enormously know to be original and profound. In 1911, Albert
predicted that gazing the sun by0.83 seconds of arc. in 1916, after several years
past, Albert Einstein was ready to write and publish the final chapter of his theory
of Relativity. That work and thought gave him the reputation he needed. Einstein
was less successful in applying his theory to the universe.
In 1920, Albert Einstein’s work was virtually complete. In 1921, Albert wrote
a book entitled “Discovery in the grand manner is for young people…and hence for
me a thing of the past.” From the early 1920’s, Albert rejected the quantum theory.
His basic objection was to make a formula that included the probability interpreta-
tion. Albert Einstein once said, “God does not play dice”. Einstein wrote about 10
book over all. Most of his books were mostly about his theories. He wrote a
104 page book on his theory of relativity. And, don’t forget the atomic bomb. The
most dangerous bomb made for the Americans after defecting from Hitler’s side.


In 1936, at the age of 76, Albert died. He had two children with his first wife
and the same with his second wife.

In conclusion, I would like to add that Albert Einstein was one of the smartest
person alive. He made a big difference in the area of physics, space-time continuum
electrodynamics, mass and energy, and of course, the Foundation of the General
Theory of Relativity. I would like to continue learning more about Albert Einsteins
theories since he was a man of great knowledge. I too would like to make a big dif-
ference in the world as much as Albert Einstein did.