Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great I. Born a. 356BC b. In Pella the Capital of Macedonia II. Parents a.

King Philip the II 1. later divorced Olympus 2. Alexander ran away after Divorce 337B.C. b. Olympus a Princess of Epiru III. Youth and Teenage Years a. Aristotle was his Tutor 1.

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He taught him about Greek art, philosophy, poetry, and science. 2. loved homer b. brought up as a crown prince 1. When his father divorced his mom he ran away until his father was assassinated IV. He is ascended to the throne, June 336 BC a. Disposed of all conspirators and domestic enemies by having them executed b.

Soon as he ascended he found himself threatened by rebellion V. Began War Against Persia a. 35,000 men went to war 1. His first battle was against 40,000 people on the Persia side 2. They defeated Persia b.

All the states of Asia Minor Submitted to him after this battle 1. only 110 people died in his first battle VI. Larger Battles a. fought against Seria 1.Commanded by King Darius the III 2. His 40,000 troops against there 500,000 b. He defeated Darius 1. Darius ran away after the Battle 2. He left him wife and children to be Alexanders slaves VII Largest Battle a.

Met King Darius the third again 1. They fought in Babylon OCT.1 331 BC 2. Alexander had 40,000 men, Darius had over a million men b. Darius fled again but was executed by his own Generals VIII Reason For Success a. well trained 1. when his men fought he was right with there in the front with them This caused there moral to be large 2. He was Skillful with unfamiliar tactics of war such as the chariot, elephants and circling the Enemy b.

patient IX Was his conquering good a. Yes it lead to Christianity by bringing everybody together b. It was good 1.He let there countries just become one 2. Everybody associated with each other there was no one race or bad people anymore X His Marriage a. He married a Persian who was Dariuses daughter 1.

80 of his Generals married Persian ladies to 2.This made it so everybody wanted to be together b. Before that he had married a Sogdian Princess, Roxanne XI His Death a.He died 323B.C. in Babylon of a Fever b. Some people say he was poisoned 1. He died undefeated XII His Future Hopes a. he had hoped to conquer more up 1.

He had planned to invade Arabia b. he could of conquered more even the whole continents of Asia and Europe. XIII Generalization on Alexander Himself a. He was a Alcoholic 1. He killed one of his best friends while he was drunk b.He was Patient 1.

His patience was the key to his success 2. His patience is the key that lets him be ranked higher than Napoleon and Hitler c. he governed everybody fairly 1. He had a great Empire that he Governed fairly and honorable 2. He was Skillful at statecraft 3. His main Concern was to keep his Empire Functioning 4.

He during his conquering brought the Persians and Greeks into one Empire 5. To satisfy the Persians he let most of there customs carry on.