American Has Lost Its Honor

American Has Lost its Honor America has always been the envy of the world due to our system of government with its leadership that has traditionally upheld the highest code of honor. In years past Americas leaders were expected to maintain high personal ethics and morals as well insure that the countries economy and standing in the world are maintained at a level that is acceptable to the American public. Recent events have highlighted the fact that honor and ethics no longer rule America. Popular public opinion and spin control have replaced Americas traditional values. The United States government conceded that it had to close some military base’s but the congressman were unwilling to vote for a base closer in there own states.

The Base Realignment and Closer Commission was formed as an independent panel that would present a list of base closures to Congress and the President with the stipulation that all bases on the list would have to be closed or they would all stay open. However in July of 1995 President Clinton ended this process when he made two exemptions to the process under the guise of privatization in place . A move that insured the reelection of Democratic Caucus Chairman Vic Fazio whose Sacramento area seat leaned Republican. Another example was the 1995-96 Citizenship U.S.A. program that enrolled 180,000 foreigners that became American citizens without any criminal background checks, this group traditionally votes Democratic.

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16,000 had felony arrest and 5,000 clearly should have been denied citizenship however on orders from the white house they were rushed through the naturalization process in the hopes they would vote Clinton-Gore in 1996. During the Lewinsky scandal President Clinton perjured himself under oath and lied to the nation on television. Once it was found out that the President had lied to the American people the White House spin machine tried to debate What the definition of is is. That they were simply two consenting adults voluntarily engaging in sex and enjoying it., disregarding that the nations chief law enforcement officer had committed perjury. Hustler publisher Larry Flint announced that he was a Democrat and that he was waging a campaign on any congressman that voice an opinion that the President was guilty of impeachable offenses. Mr. Flynt stated Im looking to expose the hypocrites. Mr.

Flynt made it clear that no adverse publicity would come to those who kept silent about President Clintons crimes. Mr. Flynt was using his position to attempt to alter the American governmental system. Once America was respected by the rest of the world as a nation of the rule of law. Our politicians who place their own interest ahead of the nations and the moral and ethical code that they swore to uphold have destroyed our high position and our nation is now the but of jokes around the world.

There was a time that Congressman and the President was upheld as moral, ethical, and honorable role models. No longer will the parents use the President as a role model of proper behavior; instead parents now have to explain to their children what oral sex is and what a cigar has to do with a vagina. The America based on honor and duty to ones fellow citizen and duty to the country is a fact of the past, it died when we put our immediate comfort a head of principals and honor.