Amistad Amistad is a movie about a struggle and freedom. The character of man-Amistad, captured viewer and made them realize a painful and brutal past that they could not escape. The word amistad comes from a word meaning friendship, and this movie is far from being based on friendship, which is why it is quite ironic that they chose this for a title. The opening scene portraying an open desperate ocean, a smooth drum beat, and an exhausted slave. The film in its entirety expresses a brutally violent environment, a struggle for freedom, and the need for friendship. The movie surrounds the idea of the Constitution of America, and even more so, when the words Life, liberty and property, flowed form Jefferson’s mind.

The movie smashes in your face the though of, Who has the right to own a slave, another human being. Or is that right souly in the hands of an individual to take control of their own life. During the long, drawn out courtroom drama section of this movie, the issue of the long-lived slave question was decided. The slaves were to be set free. As the movie goes on it blasts out a brutal blow of reality of the way life had gone for the slaves even after being allowed to go back to Africa.

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The audience must now go head on with a past that everyone’s bloodline had a part in whether direct or not. This was a well sided movie discussing both sides of the issue. It was educational and had somewhat of an entertainment value, but with its excessive length and scenes that are not necessarily pertinent, this is not a movie I would recommend to a friend. On a 1-10 scale, I would be generous to give this flick a 6.