Basketball Basketball is a simple and fun sport. Any number can pplay, up to the full complement of ten, and basketball is as satisfying, half court as much as full court, pavement as much as hardwood or Tartan. The invention and spread of basketball is a story of fortunate circumstances and coincidences. With in a few years basketball had caught on in many places throughout the country, largely under the auspices of the YMCA and through the game’s immediate appeal to spectators, until by the turn of the century the colleges had begun to dominate the game for both men and women. The rules have evolved in a complex and dynamic way over the years. In another irony there have been many attempts to curb the advantages of height but each antitall rule has forced big men to learn the full range of basketbvall skills.

There remain some rules discrepancies particulary in the varied use of a time clock for forcing teams to shoot. Here are some basic skills needed to play basketball. First im going to start out with passing. The idea is to get the ball to a teammate, the shooter, when and where he wants to shoot. Thius the pass receiver should have his hands in shooting position when he gets the ball, and its a shame if he has to move his hanfs more then a few inches from ready shooting position ro recieive a pass and then come back again to shoot.

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The key thing is to be in the ready position when receiving the ball, ready to pass, dribble or shoot. Efficieny is the point. Another kind of pass is the chest pass, the chest pass is a two hand pass used when there is no obstacle between the passer and the receiver. It is usually a perimeter pass. The ball is grasped in both hands with spread fingers in a relaxed position. The ball is held at the chest and released with a flick of wrists pointing at the targget.

Another simple type of pass is the Overhead Pass. This is a thow hand pass thrown from hands extended fully overhead. The ball is held as in a chest pass with both hands relaxed. Usually there is a fake down with the ball then a quick extension of the arms overhead and a quick release. Dribbling is a very very important skill to play this game corectly. Dribbling has become overemphasized.

Overdribbling is a common by product of too much one on one play and it is a difficult habit to break in organized team play. You should have command of the ball with the body. The floor is flat and the ball is round so it will come back to you so u dont have to look for it. The high dribble is used to get quick;lly from one point on the floor to another. The ball is oushed down hard out in front so that you can run as fast as you can while maintanining minimal control of the ball. The head should be up so that you have visual command of the floor. The closer you get to congestion the closer the ball should be dribbled to the floor. Although dribbling is a valuable basketball skill it is probably the most abused of all the skills.

Shooting is another really important skill needed to play basketball and win. All moverment in physical activities can be examined for efficiency, balance and rhythm but especially those movements that require the highest degree of coordination. The power for the shot originates from the floor is exerted rhythmically fluidly up through the toes fett ankels flexion of knees hips upper body all the way through the arm hand and fingertips to the release. It should be a snake like motion uncoiling from the feet on the floor through the release. Most great shooters will say aim for the hole. A jump shot should be no diffrent from a set shot.

Merely raise the platform from which the shot is launched with increased flexion of the knees and the jump. Free throw is a foul shot basicallt the same as a set shot. You can use any technique to make this shot. The layup should be as close to one-hundred percent as anything in sports. Traditionally is has been taught according to the classic form.

From the right side pick up the final dribble off the left foot, take a final long stride towards the basket with the right leg push off the left foot carry the ball up as close to the basket as possible with both hands then softly lay it off the board with the fingers of the right hand. The Three point shot, in recent years the threep point shot has had perhaps the biggest impact on basketball offense at every level from high school to the pros. Now any team no matter what its soeed or size had the chance to come from behind and a team nursing a close lead can quickly demoralize its oppostion with one long, downtown shot. In Addition, a missed three point shot attempt often results in long rebounds which can benifit the shooting team especially the shooter is he follows his shot and then can keep smaller outside shooting teams in a close contest. Defence is another skill of basket ball u need to play. Defence is needed to block the other people of the oppisite team from getting the ball from your teams and taking a shot.

Or it is used to get the ball away from their team and block their shot they make. There are three basic principles the wider the base the better the balance, the sloer to the center of the base the center of the mass is the better the balance. You should beflexed in a sitting crouch position, back straight, and head up. Fouls are important and ack Knowledged parts of basket ball and aggressive defense will be inevitably result in them. That’s why each player is allowed a quota of personal fouls per game. There are good fouls and bad fouls smart fouls and stupid fouls.

On the other hand you have to make use of the talent available to you. it is a destructive practice for a basketball team to be so committed to a system that the players are forced into predetermined slots and roles. Every individual brings to the game his own unique combination of abilities and limitations, and the idea is to use the one and compensate for th other. Let each player contribute to the offense when he can like taking shots he shoots best from the spots he shoots best from. Basketball can be a very fun and exciting game to play with friends or on a NBA team, as long as u play buy the rules and play fair.

Those rules are probly the most important rules to follow in order to have a fun exciteing game of basketball. Sports and Games.