Beowulf The Beginning of the End From the depths of the deepest ocean I see an object falling from the water’s smooth surface. Perhaps it is a haughty human that has come to repay the death of an auspicious friend that I feasted on. Or even better, maybe Beowulf has come complacently into the waters, which I have ruled for half a century. Yes, it is Beowulf. He has come begging for revenge for the death of the closest friend of his precious King Hrothgar. I will show him who has controlled this sea for the last 50 years, and who will continue to control it for eternity.

I give Beowulf an extremely warm welcome. I clench him in my claws and squeeze him with all my might, yet I cannot penetrate the mail worn over his breast. I have always considered humans extremely weak for wearing this protective gear. They never can bear the excruciating pain that my species has learned to endure. I then decide to bring this helpless human home and put on an exhibition for my friends.

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Because there is no realistic chance that I will lose, I will surely gain respect among them. As I begin to beat Beowulf, he suddenly and swiftly swings his sword my way. It is a perfect shot to my head, but I feel absolutely no pain. He must be acerebral to think that his weapons can begin to amount to the sheer strength exhibited by myself. Because Beowulf is dazed at the fact that his weapons are unable to inflict pain upon his greatest enemy, I find it a very propitious time to make my next move.

I fiercely tear and claw at him with all of my energy. He is taking mighty blows to the head, shoulder, chest, and anywhere else I find convenient to place my claws. Once and for all I show the inferiority of his armor by puncturing his helmet with my vicious bite. This tiny human has more courage than I imagined. He leaps back up and begins the attack.

First, he drops his sword. I nearly laughed at the sight of this. “Do you actually believe you can destroy me with only your human hands?” I say. There was no reply. He only comes charging at me harder. Beowulf grabs me by the shoulder and throws me to the floor in a rage driven by anger.

“I will not have this in my home! I will not be beaten by a man of the human race!” I shouted. In an instant I snatch him from the floor and initiate the brutal beating, which will finally put an end to Beowulf’s pathetic life. I continue to rip and tear at him as he falls to the ground. The strongest of the humans is falling to a monster of the sea! Imagine that! It comes as no surprise to me. Beowulf is now helpless in the tight grasp of my claws.

It is time to put and end to the life of my opponent. I raise the dagger over my head in preparation of piercing the heart of Beowulf. It is long, sharp, and sure to penetrate the strong mail shirt. I can see the terror in Beowulf’s eyes as he gazes at the dagger and spots the stains of my last victim. This is the point that I have forever been longing for.

I pull the dagger down toward Beowulf and it suddenly stops when it touches the mail shirt. I then think of the gigantic sword hanging on the wall. It is impossible for a human to lift the sword, so I am in no rush. I soon discovered that Beowulf is an exception to my previous statement. Somehow he manages to lift the sword over my head and swing it with all of his strength.

I see the long sword fly through the air in the direction of my neck. From above the water’s calm surface, the clouds, and the heavens I see myself lying lifeless on the floor of the deep sea. Beowulf rejoices obnoxiously at the sight of my dead body. He, the human, has slain the most powerful monster of the ocean. This will only be the first of many future attacks on Beowulf. My death will be revenged, and I will be victorious! It is the beginning of the end! Religion Essays.