.. our of communication; unfortunately, interference from Cuban *commercial stations and the inability of other coastal stations to *translate the Fort Lauderdale training signal easily would effectively shut *off Flight 19 from the rest of the world. * *At one point the ComGulf Sea Frontier Evaluation Center thought it had *pinpointed the flight’s approximate position; east of New Smyrna Beach, *Florida, and far to the north of the Bahamas. * *The first rescue craft was sent out at 6.20pm. It was a Dumbo flying boat *and it soon lost contact with the shore, leading all to believe that they *had also lost the Dumbo. The problem turned out to be and iced over *antenna.

* *Within the hour more aircraft joined in the search. The weather was *overcast and the seas were reported as rough and turbulent. One flight a *Martin Mariner (Training 49) failed to make its scheduled rendezvous and *did not answer radio calls. At 7.50pm the crew of a nearby ship reported of *seeing an enormous sheet of fire caused by the explosion of an aeroplane. *The ship reported of passing through a large pool of oil soon after and not *finding any survivors or bodies of the crashed aircraft.

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They did not try *to retrieve any debris from the ocean as weather conditions were at this *point deteriorating rapidly making it impossible for any kind of retrieval. * *Flight 19 by this time had exhausted their fuel and were assumed to be *down. Taylor’s last transmission was heard at 7.04pm. The search for the *lost Avengers continued on through the rough night and hundreds of planes *and ships joined the search the next day. * *No trace of the Mariner or Avengers have ever been found.

* *On April 3, 1946 the conclusion of an extensive Naval Investigation *declared that the flight leader’s false assurance of identifying as the *Florida Keys, islands he sighted, plagued his future decisions and confused *his reasoning..He was directing his flight to fly east..even though he *was undoubtedly east of Florida. Taylor’s mother and aunt refused to *accept this verdict, the Navy set up a panel to review the report. In *August this panel announced it could only agree with the original *conclusion. Furious, the two women hired an attorney and secured a hearing *the following October. On November 19 the Board for Correction of Naval *Records retracted the original verdict and officially laid the disaster to *causes or reasons unknown.

The Mariner’s fate was believed to be from *explosion. The Mariner’s had a bad habit of blowing up if even the tiniest *of sparks were ignited. There is no particular disagreement with this fact. * *The Avengers total disappearance would be owing to the rough seas at the *time and they were well known to be incredibly heavy. Known through the *Navy as Iron birds they weighed 14,000 pounds empty.

After impact they *would of immediately sunk to the bottom; any debris remaining would of been *swallowed up by the violent ocean at that time, leaving no trace of *themselves to be found anywhere by anyone. * *The mistakes and misguided information about the Mariner and Flight 19’s *disappearance soon began in the early 50’s. Stories about a mysterious *place where ships and planes disappeared into and a limbo of the lost *caught the public’s intrest immediately, the legend of the Bermuda Triangle *began and is still carried on to this day. * *Taylor is often mistquoted as saying in his radio transmissions that *everything is wrong..strange ..the ocean doesn’t look as it should and *They look like they’re from outer space – don’t come after me. He in fact *never uttered those words. This leads to some seriously silly stories about *alien abduction and motherships hovering above the triangle.

Even in the *move Close Encounters of the Third Kind Steven Speilberg documents Flight *19 returning to earth off a large spaceship. It is also often reported that *on the day of Flight 19’s disappearance the seas were calm and smooth. They *were indeed the very opposite!! * *In 1991 a newspaper report ran of a salvage ship named Deep See finding *intact the remains of Flight 19 on the ocean bottom ten miles northeast of *Fort Lauderdale. One plane bore the number 28, the same as Taylor’s *aircraft. But on June 4 graham Hawkes, who had headed the search, cincede *that further investigation had proved that the craft were not from Flight *19. The numbers on the other plances were different from those on the *fabled flight.

The Avengers were an older model than the one on Flight 19. * *There are in fact many many stories of strange disappearances of both ships *and planes either somewhere near or inside the bermuda triangle – The fact *is that 1/2 the time they are not even inside the rough triangle *dimensions, and are quite a long way away from it but somehow get their *disappearance linked with the Triangle, so far the triangle must have some *kind of mysterious ocean powers to allow it to travel all over the world *and suck down all sorts of vessels all over the place. * *The fact is that accidents happen, for one reason or another, planes crash, *boats sink…just look at the Titanic, claimed as unsinkable in it’s *day! The research of Larry Kusche, has dispelled a lot of the untruths *about the place. After searching endlessly through newspaper accounts, *weather reports and other official docments, Kusche found (as he suspected) *that the Bermuda Triangle had no more disappearances than any other section *of the world. He has a book out called The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – *Solved.

You can read more about the stories and how they were twisted and *changed to suit the myth and mystery more. * *On 4th of April, 1975 Lloyd’s of London issued a statement to Fate magazine *declaring that 428 vessels have been reported missing throughout the world *since 1955 they continued to state that there was no cause to suspect that *the Bermuda Triangle was swallowing more ships than any other section of *the planet. * *If you would like more realistic information on the disappearance of flight *19 and other ships I reccommend this site: *The Deparment of the Navy – Frequently Asked Questions about the Bermuda *Triangle. * *.