Body Language

Body Language Among the many ways of communicating with one another may ultimately be the way we use our voice; but it is in body language, the non-verbal means of communication, do we then come to the realization that actions do speak louder than words. This saying is ever so evident in the way teen or young adult couples display their feelings for eachother. It may be simple to tell someone how much you love or care for them; but to show it is another thing. A common gesture men act upon is the opening of the door of a restaurant or a car for their female partner. This not only displays politeness, but also shows his partner that he cares even if it’s just common curtsey to do so.

In addition to that, couples often show their feelings by simply looking at eachother. They simply stare deep into eachother’s eyes without saying a word. In that scenario there couldn’t possibly be any words that could defy the feelings they hold deep within. The most common though and obvious of all the non-verbal modes of communication exhorted b/w couple would be the intimate, physical interaction shared within the couple. Cuddling together on a cold winter’s night, exchanging hugs and kisses are just a few common examples. All show love, care and affection for that one person they give it to.

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Although it is easy to state how you feel for another, by showing that you mean it is the real battle. It’s commonly said that couples who can just bask in eachother’s presence without having to say a word is one of life’s simplest treasures. That in need is Bibliography My own messed up mind! Sociology Essays.