Bruce Lee info

What is Jeet Kune Do?
Simply put, it’s English translation is “way of the intercepting fist.” Bruce studies all types of fighting from American Boxing to Thai Kickboxing. His simple philosophy was rather than block a punch and hit back with two distinct motions, why not intercept and hit in one, fluid stroke. Fluidity was the ideal. “Try and obtain a nicely-tied package of water,” Bruce would taunt. “Just like water, we must keep moving on,” Inosanto reitterates. “For once water stops, it becomes stagnant.” Water, Bruce would always give as an example, is the toughtest thing on Earth. It is virtually indestructable; it is soft, yet it can tear rocks apart. Move like water. Bruce dissected rigid classical disciplines and rebuilt them with fluid, po-mo improvements. “It’s good but it needs restructuring,” he would say. Classical techniques did not take into account the reality of street fighting. Jeet Kune Do did. It was pragmatic, reality-based, empirical- not a bunch of stances, postures and mumbo jumbo handed down from antiquity. Bruce utilized all ways but was bound by none. “Efficiency is anything that scores.”
What happened with the Martial Arts movie industry after the death of Bruce Lee?
After Bruce’s death, the Martial Arts movie industry boomed, hundreds of look-alike Bruce’s began to try out to make Martial Arts movies. They even used similar names, like Bruce Le, and Bruce Li. But none of them could catch the eyes of world as Bruce has. The closest success in Asian Martial Arts is Jet Li, and Jackie Chan, who unlike the other wannabe Bruce’s had styles of their own. But even these Martial Artists could not succeed in America. They, too, had to make movies in foreign countries. The closest Martial Arts movie to succeed in the U.S. is Rumble In the Bronx, staring Jackie Chan, who was also stuntman in “fists_of_fury.html” and “enter_the_dragon.html”.
Why was Bruce Lee so famous, and why is he still thought of as the Master of Chinese Martial Arts?
Another interresting thing about Bruce Lee is his true ability to perform martial arts. He criticized Karate for its brocken motions, and Wing Chun for its flashy techniques. Both, he said, were not ideal to use in actual combat. This is the reason for the creation of Jeet Kune Do (JKD). JKD was designed to be used in real life situations. It’s style is no style. The goal of JKD is not to master certain techniques, but to let your body express the techniques in its own way. Everyone has his own style, and JKD is a form of bringing it out.
What aspect(s) of Bruce Lee’s character made him so famous?
The question remains in many people’s mind: What made Bruce Lee so famous? There are several Martial Arts movies; why is Bruce the one remembered for Chinese Gung-Fu. Bruce would work himself very, very hard, until he perfected what he was working on. He was a perfectionist. Another aspect of his success is his ability to really kick some ass. Bruce remains undefeated throughout his life, except for a lost fight when he was 13 years old (this prompted Bruce to begin taking Martial Arts lessons). People jealous of Bruce, or people just thinking they could beat him, would frequently approach Bruce, tap their foot on the ground