Bulimia Bulimia effects many people. For instance, Princess Diana was a bulimic. She was always trying to lose weight and keep it off because the Royal Family told her she was chubby. So she would go on binges (eating large quantities of rich, yummy foods) and then disappear to the bathroom. Eventually she became very ill, and was treated at a hospital. Later on after she had recovered, she spoke at benefits, on behalf of other bulimics. Bulimia is a serious eating disorder that destroys the victims body, and can be extremely difficult to detect and treat.

Being bulimic means that you eat large quantities of food and then you go puke it up, so you dont gain weight. The cause of bulimia is not known, but many physicians believe heredity, hormonal, psychological and social factors play a major role. A man or a woman may become bulimic if the are involved in a sport like gymnastics, wrestling, or swimming. Or a job like modeling and dancing. These people believe weight loss will improve their performance.

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There are many different symptoms that help you detect a person is bulimic. Bulimia is a very physical disease. It changes he body in many ways. A bulimic will induce vomiting with a Q-Tip or their fingers. Other say drinking lots of liquids before, makes it easier to puke.

Physical symptoms of this disease are extreme weight changes, insomnia, rashes, dry skin, loss of hair and nail quality, a chipmunk-like face, and dental problems. Emotional symptoms include strange eating habits, hyperactivity, and interest in exercise. Also frequent weighing, and the use of laxatives or diet pills. Bulimics are usually perfectionists. They see themselves as fat no matter how thin they become.

They have a distorted body image. Bulimics have low self-esteem, self-worth, and self-control. Thinking clearly is difficult. Bulimics binge anywhere from 1-2 times a week to 3-4 times a day! The average Bulimic vomits 18 times a day! Constant vomiting has many side effects, like severe tearing and bleeding in the esophagus, hiatial hernias, and infection of the salivary gland. Plus some the stomach acids in the puke are left in the mouth cause tooth enamel destruction.

Most bulimics look outwardly healthy, but in reality are very lonely and depressed. This is because they are so obsessed with food and the shape of their body, that they have little or no social life. Treatment is a long, difficult process. The treatment for bulimia requires the attention of doctors, dentists, and psychotherapists a a continuing basis. Individual psychotherapy is essential, but group therapy, that includes other recovering bulimics, is good for support.

The groups atmosphere should be warm, friendly, and helpful. Even though the process of recovery is slow, patients are being cured. Moreover, much promising research is currently underway. I think bulimia is a horrible disease to have. Why would anyboby want to make themselves throw up everday? People should exercise instead. This is something Id never ever do.