Business Plan

Business Plan IV. Description of the market Our market is going to be focus mainly for the people that goes everyday to Church Street Station. This people are mainly tourist from everywhere in the world that comes to see the Themes Parks here in Orlando and they hear about Church Street Station and decide to go to see what it is all about. Also there is a big percentage of young people from 18 to 35 years old that goes mostly to the dance clubs and pubs that are in the area. We did a survey and we came up with an average of 2,000 people a day that visit Church Street Station.

At this point there is no direct competition in our business. The reason why is because this is going to be a new business in there. All of the carts that sell food are mainly Gyros and Hot Dogs. This is good and is also bad. It is really good because people likes more the food that we will be serving than Hot Dogs but also because it is going to be something new in the area and it is difficult to us to make an estimate on the sales.

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At this point of time there is 12 carts in total, 7 Hot Dogs Carts and 5 Gyros Carts. By August 1 this number should go up because of the increase of people going to Church Street Station. V. Legal Aspects In order for us to start the business we need two licenses. The first one is the Occupational License.

This license will cost us $710/year. The other license is the Health License and this one will run us about $35/year. There is one more license that we need but it is not for the business itself but for the person that is going to be selling the food. It is call Florida Food Handlers license. This license only cost $12 and is good for seven years.

When the cart is open to the public, somebody with this license need to be in the premises, even if is not the one serving the food. Business Essays.