Calcium Element

Calcium Element Calcium Element symbol..CA Atomic weight..40.08 Element number..20 Number of protons..20 Number of electrons..20 Number of neutrons..20 Density at..68? F Boiling point..2,264?F Melting point..1,562?F Calcium was discovered by Sir Humphrey Davis in 1808. Calcium is a mineral found in abundance in the Earths outer crust. It is the fifth most abundant mineral in the Earth crust. Calcium is considered a major mineral because it is found in large quantity in the body. Milk also has a high amount of calcium and it is the best way to get calcium. Daily dietary requirements exceed over 100 mg. Calcium forms and maintains teeth, it helps with blood clotting, it helps build cell membranes, helps contract muscles, helps nerve transmissions and if the bones did not get calcium they would not grow properly. Plants also need calcium to grow because without and adequate supply of calcium to enrich the soil they would die.

Calcium is never found as a pure element in nature. It is found as calcium hydroxide, calcium oxide (also know as lime(lime stone)), chalk, Iceland spar, coral, pearls, egg shells and calcium carbonate which makes up marble and gypsum. Lime stone and marble are used for buildings and building. Gypsum is found in plaster, when in crystal form it is called alabaster which is used by sculptors to carve, it is also found in cement.

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