Charles Manson Aka Jesus Christ

Charles Manson aka Jesus Christ He has been dubbed “The most dangerous man alive”. Charles Manson has been persecuted relentlessly. We call him the devil. He is the reason society is so bad. Does this sound familiar? This sounds like the same accounts towards Jesus Christ by the Roman Empire 2000 years ago.

As they have nailed Christ to the cross, we have nailed Charles Manson to the cross. Could it be that Charles Manson and Jesus Christ are the same person? If you know anything about these two, the answer is: Most likely. Let us take a look at these two. Both Jesus Christ and Charles Manson led a cult that still thrives to this very day. Christ’s followers are still preaching his words, as do Christ’s followers. And each cult are growing as time goes by.

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Both “Christianity” and “The Manson Family” will be here forever. As old followers die out, new followers will take their place to carry on the words of both Jesus Christ and Charles Manson. If we looked past the usual stereotype against Charles Manson, we can see that the preachings of Manson is identical to that of Jesus Christ. Hasn’t Jesus spoke about the power of love? And also, isn’t that what Charlie used for his motto?? Charles Manson has said “In love, you do no wrong.” Wouldn’t Jesus agree? In fact, would Jesus apply to that? In truth, yes! Now, it’s time to unveil the infamy of Charles Manson and Jesus Christ. Yes, both of them are wanted for influencing murder.

Charles Manson has led the Tate-LaBianca murders as Jesus Christ led the city of Jericho, town of Salem murders. In both incidents, people were to die for their “sins”. Because of this, both Manson and Christ have been the victims of injustice due to the courts and trials. During the trial, Manson was denied the right to defend himself. Instead, we have hung him up onto the cross.