Child Welfare And Domestic Violence

Child Welfare And Domestic Violence Child safety and Domestic Violence It is amazing to me the children are removed from home, where the mothers have been victims of domestic violence. Also that the victim is often left to stay with the batterer. I am a case manager in a Prevention agency in the South Bronx. One of the families that I am working with the mother was physically, emotionally and verbally by her ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend also sexually molested her two oldest sons.

This man put a gun to my client head and made her watch as he fondled her son private parts. She informed that the she was a victim of domestic violence for almost a year, but when the incidents happen with her sons. She finally called the Police and ACS got involved and removed her children. The man was put in jail, but according to the client the Judge on the case felt sorry for the abuser, because of he had such a bad childhood. I wonder if the Judge thought about my client and her children and how this man disrupted their life and the scares that he left behind. Eventually this man went to jail for murder.

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My client showed me threatening letter that he sent her from jail. She was moved to the Bronx by Victim Services. When the children were returned to the mother two years later with no services in place, only preventive services. This family was not connected to any mental health services, in order to help the family deal with the affect of the domesti.