Church and Teens

We all know the horror stories about being forced to go to church each and ever Sunday, and there are so many teens that see going to church as an inconvenience, but why do we look at it that way? Could it be because we don’t understand the concept? Maybe it’s because we think Sunday is our “sleep day” to catch up on the loss of sleep from the rest of the week. There are a lot of teens that enjoy church because they understand the concept, or because that is the only place they feel that they can be themselves. I can honestly say that I have been on both sides of this spectrum. I was once a teen who decided that every Sunday would be a day to sleep instead of a day to worship. Now, however, Sunday’s are the days that I get up out of bed at 8:00 and I go to church. I’m sure you’re thinking, why on earth would she want to get up so early just to go to church to sing some stupid songs and listen to some boring man preach? Well, for me it’s therapy for my soul and for my life.
Things have a weird way of happening to me when I least expect them, and this whole church thing is definitely one of those weird things. I came to a point in my life about 4 months ago where everything was going wrong and I wasn’t sure what to do. My friendships were fading, my personal life wasn’t the best it could have been, and I definitely needed to reevaluate my lifestyle. Just when I thought that nothing could go right, along came this boy that changed me more than anyone has ever been able to. Although I didn’t expect it then, and I really didn’t notice until recently, he has made me a better person.
One day we were driving and he asked me if I wanted to go to church with him. A little skeptical at first, I agreed and that’s what started it all. Since that Sunday, I have been regularly attending Wesley Free Methodist Church and I can honestly say that I love it. The sermons are directed toward the entire congregation and not just towards one group, and they are definitely well thought out and well preached.
The best part about this church is that the youth group plays a big part in all that we do. The group always takes trips and is always helping out in any way possible. In early June they went on a mission trip to North Dakota to help rebuild a community and right before school started we took a trip to Cedar Point. Our church also offered parenting classes for the parents to take so that they could possibly learn something new. The youth group was actively involved in these seminars by answering a few questions in the “Understanding Your Teen” portion of the events. This allowed parents of teens or small children to understand or see how it would be to raise a teen, and what they could do to make these difficult years a little bit easier.
One of the most interesting things about the youth group is how close everyone seems to be. The members of the group have been going to the same church, and most, the same school their entire lives so they are close not only in church, but outside as well.
Although there are times when you feel you could harm your parents for making you get up each Sunday, church has a true meaning, and there are those of us who pull ourselves out of bed to go. For some, it is their safe place where they can be themselves. Church has changed me and I hope that by reading this, you might give it a second chance!?