Col Ronald M Sharpe

Col. Ronald M. Sharpe Col. Ronald M. Sharpe The Pennsylvania State Police began to follow the requirements of the Affirmative Action Acts of the 1960’s.

The PSP as well as all other entities within the Criminal Justice System have been working to create more diverse law enforcement teams. In August 1987, Deputy Commissioner Ronald Sharpe was appointed Commissioner of the PSP. Sharpe was the first African-American to be appointed to that position in the history of the Department. While he was in office, Col. Sharpe implemented many new departmental initiatives. He created a seven-member uniform committee, who created new uniforms for the PSP in January 1988. The new look consisted of a new patch and shirt. The Patch was designed by the seven member team. It incorporated the keystone and the state’s coat of arms encircled by the original star burst.

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The star burst was a part of the departments original uniform, designed by Major John Groom in 1905. In this same month in 1988 Sharpe also graduated the first 3 of 15 Canine drug enforcement teams. In August of 1989 Col. Sharpe brought back the traditional Motorcycle Highway Patrol. He dedicated 12 Harley Davidson Motorcycles to respond to accidents on heavily traveled highways; an attempt to restore traffic on major highways. To make the job of running an agency like the PSP a bit easier Col.

Sharpe created an additional 6th area of command and formed two more Deputy Commissioner positions. In 1990 with Gov. Casey’s help Col. Sharpe was able to create TNT, the Tactical Narcotics Team, which is able to respond anywhere in the state within 24 hours. Sharpe also pushed for more militaristic practices with in the PSP.

Troop Drills were reinstated for officers in the field, they included inspection, marching, and Drill formations. Col. Ronald M. Sharpe was a proven leader. His hard work, and dedication gave proof to the old saying ” all men were created equal”.

Mr. Sharpe definitely has helped other minority officers in their advancements. Not only because of any form of affirmative action, but because of his dedication and hard work. Social Issues.