Controversy Of Cloning And Dna

Controversy Of Cloning And Dna Members of Congress: I am writing in reference to the possible upcoming technology of cloning humans and altering DNA tissue makeup of the unborn child. This issue will come before Congress for approval or disapproval in the near future. This technology would allow scientists to alter the tissue of a future infant in regards to physical characteristics such as height, appearance, intelligence, and birth defects. It is disturbing to think that such alteration of DNA could be allowed to pass through Congress as a bill. Cloning and DNA tissue alteration, though there may seem to be positive and worldly aspects, is, in my opinion morally wrong and corrupt according to Gods word, the Bible. As a Christian young man, I believe in the Bible as truth. The Bible states in Genesis 1:27, So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Gods creation can be found in Genesis 5:24. When God created humankind, he made them in the likeness of God. Male and female created he them. Psalms 139:13 states, For it was you who formed my inmost parts; you knit me in my mothers womb. In the eyes of a Christian believing that Gods word is the truth, it would be difficult to understand how DNA altering and cloning could be done.

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This would be attempting to place scientists in comparison with God who is the supreme creator. To try to alter his handiwork of the human being would be morally wrong. God created man in his image and man was perfect until he sinned in this world. Setting aside Biblical beliefs, lets look at potential problems in the environment if cloning and DNA alteration were to become a reality. Man has been attempting for ages to remake the earth.

Cross breeding trial and error has been experimental with for years. New technologies have allowed scientists to manipulate the world at the genetic, as well as, the agricultural levels. Corn, soy, and cotton experimentation and alternation have also taken place in laboratories across the country. However, every new genetically engineered organism draw concerns for possible dangers to todays environment. New forms of pollution and chemical releases must be considered.

Reproduction problems of these clones are virtually unknown at this time. Limiting the amount of interbreeding and cross-pollination has been limited in the past for control of genetic combinations. To pass a cloning and DNA alteration bill would allow not only possible future genetic flukes to arise in humans and agriculture, but also potential problems and hazards with soil fertility and water quality for our environment. Granted, it certainly on the surface sounds appealing and exciting to love more intelligent, more attractive people in this world. To have little or no birth defects would miraculous. However, if everyone in this world were perfected in human eyes by cloning and DNA alteration.

This environment would be much more dull and boring place. People, in their various different ways, make this world an exciting place to live. There also is the aspect of the cost of cloning and DNA alteration of humans. Understandably, it would be quite costly and many would not be able to afford it. There also would be no real guarantee of success. Once past the moral issue, this really wouldnt be a fair issue either since it would discriminate against the less fortunate.

Another aspect to consider is the potential dangers to cross pollination of crops and the dangers of our environment on soil and water. The risks are so great that it would hardly seem practical. In closing, I would respectfully request that Congress carefully study this idea of cloning and DNA alteration. With a through study, it is felt like there could only be one answer to the possible proposal of this ecological roulette with nature. The idea to preserve our land and its crops seems the only appropriate choice.

To allow God to remain God rather than scientists to be in competition with him is imperative. To have a perfect world would not be a real world. It would be artificial. Day to day life would not be the same. Struggles and imperfections make this world interesting.

Different personalities, interests, and opinions provide excitement in this world and reasons for living. Sincerely, David Hughes.