Crime And Punishment

Crime And Punishment In the novel Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky, suffering is an important part of every character’s role. However, the message that Dostoevsky wants to present with the main character, Raskolnikov, is not one of the Christian ideas of deliverance through suffering. Rather, it appears to me, as if the Dostoevsky never lets his main character suffer mentally throughout the novel, in relation to the crime that is. His only pain seems to be physical sickness. I chose literary criticism from The Times Literary Supplement, The Literary World and criticism by Lafcadio Hearn, Oscar Wilde and D.I. Pisarev, because they all deal with the issue of how the main character, Raskolnikov, dealt with the crime that he has committed. “Raskolnikov does not commit the crime because, by way of varied philosophical considerations, and necessity.

On the contrary, the conditions he must live under drive him to commit the crime as they have moved him to philosophize about his intentions. In short, Raskolnikov makes the theory up for his own convenience” (Pisarev, 135). I chose this quote because it is a good way to express how and why Raskolnikov would commit this murder. Raskolnikov commits a thought-out murder in a state of delirium. He ends up committing a second murder, which he never wanted to be responsible for.

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He kills Lizaveta, an exceedingly innocent person. But does Dostoevsky every remind us of the murder at any time in the novel again? Not in the physical sense of the crime itself. You as the reader doesn’t ever hear about how heavily the murders are weighing on his heart, or how he is tormented by visions of the crime. Raskolnikov doesn’t feel the least bit guilty about having committed the crime; only his pride is being hurt. He doesn’t mention the idea of the pain that might arise from recurrent visions of the crime. Raskolnikov never again recalls the massive amount of blood everywhere, the look on Lizaveta’s face when he brings down the axe on her head. These things clearly show that the crime isn’t what might cause his suffering or pain, it is something else. After Raskolnikov is sent off to Siberia, he doesn’t feel regretful.

He grows depressed only when he learns of his mother’s death. He still hasn’t found any reason to feel remorse for his crime. Even though he was sent to Siberia, he doesn’t view it as suffering because; he would rather not have to go through seven years in his prison cell. “He wants to give himself up voluntarily to the police, and he wants also to escape punishment and remain free. He himself is most definitely not capable of deciding which of these desires is stronger and which in the next moment will direct his act” (Pisarev, 142).

I chose to quote because I wanted to show that Raskolnikov wanted to remain free after committing his crime. Raskolnikov suffering is never spoken about, mainly because there is none. It is obvious that Raskolnikov never seems to be in a pit of despair from all the suffering he has to face from the effect of the murder. Work Cited 1.”Dostoevsky and the Novel,” in The Time Literary Supplement. Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism, Vol 2. June 5, 1930. Pg.

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Crime and Punishment

Kenneth Pang
Ever since the beginning of modern society, crime and punishment have
been linked together. Depend on the seriousness of the crime, those who break
the laws are punished accordingly. As the amount of homicide increased in the
passed several years, people are demanding tougher punishments for more murder.

Among them, the most supported one was the reapplying of execution as a mean of
punishment. This notion could help decrease the number of killing, however it
also raised many concerns. In order for execution to be reinstated as a
punishment for murder, questions such as the morality of executing criminals and
the possibility of killing a innocence person must be answered.

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One concern of executing murderers is the morality of the act. First of
all, killing of any kind is wrong. As outlined by laws and guaranteed by the
Canada Charter of Human Right, every human is entitle to live. And under no
circumstances do anyone else have the right to someone else live away.

Extinguishing the life of the murderer is equivalent to murderers killing their
victim. If it is illegal for murderers kill, how is it possible for government
to be justify to end the lives of the murderers.

Another concern of executing murderers is the possibility of killing an
innocence person. With our improving technology, what we now believe is beyond
reasonable doubt might a verdict filled with errors in the future. One very good
example of this is the recent acquitting of a man jailed for raped and the
murder of a girl. If he was executed at the time, he would of never had the
chance to prove his innocence with the D.N.A. tests. He as an innocence man
would have been killed.

Legalizing execution for the punishing of murderers is a very important
decision for Canadians to make. The result of the decision will decide of
government have the right to kill its citizens. In making his decision, everyone
have to consider the consequences of sending a innocence man to death. Death is
the permanent depriving of any human activity. If an innocence man is sentence
to death, there is no way he could every get his life back. Unless there is a
way to prove a criminal is one hundred percent guilty, execution should not be