Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice The Ghost and Hermann To develop his theme and address the issue of the reality of the ghost and the ghost information and Hermann’s use of that information in The Queen of Spades exemplifies the complexity of Pushkin’s approach. Hermann’s strong passion and fiery imagination and having a tenacity of spirit saved him from the usual errors of youth. Although at heart a gambler, he never took a card in his hand. As he would put it, “to sacrifice the essentials of life in he hope of acquiring the luxuries, ”” meanwhile he would sit at the card table with feverish anxiety. The story of the three cards had made a strong impression on his imagination . Hermann wanted the Old Countess to reveal her secret to him. “What if she could tell me the names of these three winning cards? he replied. The he thought why not become introduced to her, try to win her favour, perhaps become her lover. In the meantime, many things happen.

Three days after what was called a fateful night, the dead Countess funeral was going to be held. All what was going on in his head which kept on repeating: “You are the murderer of the old woman!” With having little religion belief, he was superstitious. He believed the dead countess could exercise a harmful influence on his life. He wanted to ask her forgiveness. After the funeral, Hermann returned home , he throw himself on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

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After being awaken he sat on the bed and thought about the funeral . At that moment, he heard the door open. Hermann heard some footsteps A woman in a white dress entered. He thought it was the nurse, but the woman in white glided across the room and appeared saying, ” I have come to you against my will,” “but I have been order to fulfill your request. Three, seven, ace played in that ordered will win for you is what the countess told him. Hermann was only to play one card in twenty-four hours and never play again in his life. The countess told Hermann she would forgive him if he marry Lisaveta Ivanovna.

So this what Hermann set out to do. In conclusion of all of this, “Three, seven, ace,” never left his thought. To the exclusion of others, one thought alone occupied his mind-making use of the secret which had cost him so much. Herman has simply paid the cost in the most dramatic way. Social Issues.