Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions Cruel Intentions Manipulative teenagers in a story about seduction Roger Kumble has definitely outdone himself when he wrote and directed Cruel Intentions. This powerful movie has the ability to draw out emotions in you. Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is manipulative and seducing in this entertaining movie. She is the perfect character for the role she plays. She lives in the suburbs of New York, in a college prep school, with her stepbrother Sabastian (Ryan Phillipe).

The plot begins when Kathryn places a bet. Up to this point Sabastian could seduce any woman in bed with him. He sets his goal on the headmaster’s daughter, Annette, (Reese Witherspoon) who just had a story published in Seventeen magazine on why she has decided to wait. If Sabastian does seduce her, he receives Kathryn for a night. He has longed for her, since their parents got married. If Kathryn wins she receives his priceless 1956 jaguar.

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While Sabastian is busy fulfilling his goal, Kathryn has a few goals of her own. Her goal is to hurt her ex-boyfriend, his new girlfriend, and anyone else that steps in her path. Kathryn is manipulative and Sabatian is determined in this suspenseful movie. What happens when these personalities collide? Creative Writing.