Delinquent Daughters Summary

“Delinquent Daughters Summary” Delinquent Daughters by Mary E. Odem touches on many topics involving women residing in the U.S. from 1885 to 1920. Not only does the book raise issues about women as a whole, but also it breaks the women into a more realistic view. Womens age, race, religion, ethnicity and immigrant status, social class, and complex of morals are all used as means of classifying women for analyzing their sexual behavior.

To start with there is the issue of statutory rape and what the legal age limit shall be set at. Not only are the middle class women groups seen as organizing ways to protect women they are also seen in terms of protecting only white girls through the passage of their laws. This is seen by the African American women having to form their own organizations in order to insure the morality of the young African American females, and by being denied real help when requesting help against the white male to protect the decency of their young females and help in response to lynching. The classes of girls being evaluated were also seen. For instance, reasoning was given as to why working class girls became sexually active. Like for marriage or rebellion. The female being looked at as helpless and taken advantage of was not shown in an exaggerated light.

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There were women who made the choice to become involved in sexual situations.