Don’t Fly That Flag Near Me

In case some people have not heard that the Civil War is over, maybe we need to let them know. In the past few years, as one looks around his city, or watches for bumper stickers on cars, he may easily spot a sign that someone still supports the Confederate party. What I have learned, and what I believe is that the Confederacy was all about racism, control, and selfish people who felt they should be able to dominate whomever they wanted, especially slaves.

When the symbols of the Confederates are seen, an automatic judgment is developed of the person flashing those symbols. Even though their intention may be to send a message of rebellion, the Confederate flag will always be a representation of slavery and hatred. After the war had ended, all manufacturing of Confederate flags should have been banned. As we all know, this will probably not happen.

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Examples of what I have spotted so far in my days are license plates stating, “Hold on to your horses, the South will rise again.” Numerous flags in the back windshields can be spotted anywhere an individual may go. Bandanas, stickers, and posters can be seen and bought in varying stores. On a family trip down to Arkansas, we visited a souvenir shop that was all about Confederates. Pins, clothing, hats, and of course the flags were among many of the momentos being sold in the shop. When I saw all of the revolting merchandise, I left.

Never in my life would I be associated with any person who believes the Confederacy was a proper and rightful party. What they did to America in the 1800’s was neither brave nor patriotic. The South tore a nation apart, and caused much chaos that ended in the most costly war that America has ever fought. For one American to kill another American in war is unforgiving. People who still support the Confederacy should be looked down upon for their stupidity and selfishness.

Recently it was announced that the Confederates were trying to form a political party for the year 2000 elections. I will be one of the first to write Congress and express my extreme disappointment that the government would allow such an embarrassing party to enter the election.