Dorm Rooms

Dorm Rooms I had lived with my parents for twenty years when I decided to move into the dorms at Western Oklahoma State College. There are three major differences between living at home and living in a dorm room. The differences are in privacy, living space, and meals. One thing that I really miss about living at home is the home cooked meals. When I lived at home, my mother would cook home cooked meals for the family.

The entire family would usually sit down at the table 4 times a week to enjoy my mothers wonderful creations. While living at the dorms, I have not had any home cooked meals; instead, I eat the meals that are prepared by the chefs in the greater western dining cafeteria. When I was not eating, I was either at work or in the living room watching the television. My television was placed in a spacious living area that had a three-peace living room suit, two tables, and a twenty-inch television. In my living room, one could move about freely and even have room to lounge on the floor.

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In my dorm room, I have a thirteen-inch television, a bed, and a computer desk. Compared to the living room at my house, my dorm room has virtually no living area because it is so compact. At my parents house I was able to go to the privacy of my room and relax in total privacy. I could even have almost complete privacy in the living area whereas my dorm room lacks the capability of providing privacy. Even though my roommate works throughout most of the day, I am still contacted by numerous amounts of other dorm residents throughout the course of the day. I do not mind the lack of privacy, but at times, it is certainly needed.

All people that intend to stay sane need privacy. Even though there are some things about dorm life are not the same as they were at home, I still enjoy living there. I do miss the privacy, living space, and home cooked meals but there are ways of finding all of these things. I like living in the dorms, I like living at home, and that is why I enjoy being able to drive between the two.