E Pluribus Unum

E. Pluribus Unum E. Pluribus Unum In America, we attain a lot of rights and privileges that most other countries are unable to have. No one can tell us what to do or how to do it. We live the American Dream that everyone else in the world wants to be a part of and participate in.

The American Dream is an idea that brings a lot of people together. It combines common ideas, different cultures , religions, and people. The American Dream is an attainable dream, but must be hard worked for. The United States portrays to other counntries a home for everyone. Almost everyone here in America is doing well and not in areal bad financial situration.

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Of all the things that are in the American Dream, I believe that there are a few basics. Money, leisure time, and healthiness are all a big part of the American Dream. Money is a big part of the American Dream. Everyone in America and coming to America has the hope of making it big. They believe that it might be winning the lottery, or some sweepstakes. There are so many stories of people winning a drawing, then never having to work again.

In the 1930’s and 1940’s, many Japanese came from a distant land to come and get some work. They expected the streets to be paved with gold and that you could pick it right off the street. These Japanese Americans soon learned that you had to work for what you wanted. Many of the Japanese had a hard time making it up the social pipeline because of the racial barriers that laid between the two diverse cultures. Money can be earned, and a person can become successful, but they have to put hard work into the equation.

Another high priority of the American Dream is the idea of leisure time. People of most countries have to get up in the morning and begiin the farming or start a long trip to the water hole. In america we have all of the basic necessities of life at our hands. We do not need to take the extra time to go kill a deer or rabbit. This part of the dream can only be achieved if we again work hard and earn the extra time we want with our family.

Last of all we have Health. Health i think is the biggest part of the Americna Dream. We portray just about everyone being in pretty good health. Actors, Models, Movie Stars, are all shown on television and magazines around the world. When a person sees someone he/she wants to be like, they believe they need to got to America to get it.

In conclusion, the American Dream has many basic points, but I think Money, Leisure Time, and Healthiness are the main three. We can do anything we want in America if we just work for it. There is no limit to our aspirations, no limit to what we can achieve. American History.