Egyptair Flight 990informative Speech

Egyptair Flight 990-Informative Speech Title: The Pilot or The Plane? General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of a plane crash that occurred a couple of weeks ago. I. Introduction A. (Attention Getter) Passengers on EgyptAir were beginning to get relaxed, take a quick nap, or drink a cup of coffee. All of a sudden, a big rumble on the plane occurs, passengers notice that their coffee mugs are beginning to spill, and their weight is beginning to be shifted. They then see that there overhead luggage is being tossed from their compartments to the other side of the plane.

Everyone begins screaming, holding on to their seats, trying to buckle their seatbelts. As they look around, they see others being tossed around like a salad. They begin to feel weightless, they hear one last crash and then silence seizes the rest of their lives forever. B. (Reason to Listen) Flight 990 just recently went through this trauma and now that the black box was discovered, there are a few possibilities why the plane nose dived into the ocean in about twenty-eight seconds.

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Many people fly many different places everyday without knowing or thinking about what can happen up in the air, and with so many lives lost in plane crashes, there is no knowing which plane will be the next one. C. (Speaker Credibility) I have researched this article from Newsweek and have studied the pictures and diagrams thoroughly. I believe that with the information given, I am able to talk about this topic openly. D.

(Thesis and Preview) Today I am going to speak about the significance of EgyptAir Flight 990, and the rapid descent that occurred that caused many lives to be lost. I will first talk about how the plane ended up 250 feet under the ocean, and second, I will speak about what happened to the pilots at the time of the descent and what could have occurred. II. Body A. Everything that occurred was noted on the black box, which tells in details what occurred in the cock pit of the plane. 1.

The autopilot was disengaged deliberately by someone at 33,000 feet in then air. a. This something that is normally done when preparing to descend routinely or in case of an emergency. b. About 8 seconds after the autopilot was disengaged, someone made the plane face straight down with the nose downward.

c. Next, someone then decreased power in both of the two engines and then cut the power off completely. 2. There was no sign of trouble with the engines and no sign of why the engines were almost restarted. a. This could actually happen if the pilot was trying to restart the engine after dying, but there was no engine problems at the time. b.

There was no call to air-traffic controllers to warn anyone about what was happening or if help was needed. Transition: With no warning to what was happening in the air, many conclusions are being considered. B. There are many thoughts to why the plane may have been positioned nose down and why the engines were shut off. 1.

Some investigators think that this could have been a suicide attempt out of plain madness. 2. Other investigators along with some FBI think that there just have maybe been a struggle in the cockpit in the plane. 3. U.S. officials are working with the Egyptian government to ask family members and friends about the victims and as well as the pilots.

Transition: With so many circumstances being considered, the FBI is being pushed away from investigations. C. The White House has declared that the FBI do not get too involved into the investigation until NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) investigators are through with their searches. 1. The NTSB did not want to have another fiasco like that which happened with the TWA 800 flight. a. With the TWA 800 flight, the FBI suspected that the plane crash was due to terrorist bombs or missiles.

b. The NTSB wanted the least publicity possible for flight 990. 2. FBI officials are now angry with NTSB officials for not allowing them to look into the crash. a.

FBI has been shut out of the analyzing of the flight recorder. b. They have even been pushed away from the podium by the NTSB during a press conference. 3. The NTSB is not yet through searching the waters for more clues.

a. They have not yet found all the pieces of the plane. b. It is guessed that the pieces missing can be no bigger than the back of a chair. III. Conclusion A. (Summary and Restatement of Main Points) Flight 990 of EgyptAir was a tragic incident that occurred and there are no final conclusions what occurred on that plane the night it came nose diving into the ocean.

The black box of the plane tells as much as can be revealed, and with so many assumptions taking place, the NTSB is making it very difficult for other agencies to get involved in the investigation. B. (Tie Back to Introduction) Because nobody survived the flight, nothing is known about what happened to the families and the people on the plane. Only they are the ones that will know what it sounded like and what it felt like in the last few seconds of their lives. C.

(Reason to Remember) On this flight, there were many lives taken, and without knowing the conclusion to exactly what occurred on the plane, nothing can yet be determined, only assumptions can be made. Many people did not know their lives were going to end on that flight, and most people will not know when their ives may end. It may be soon, or it may be decades. Speech and Communcations.