Escapism In Young Sherlock Holmes

Escapism In Young Sherlock Holmes A simple adventure film is made into much more in Young Sherlock Holmes. The special effects employed accentuate the escapist qualities that exist within the movie. The mystery begins when a few certain men are injected with a hallucinogen and they imagine inanimate objects coming alive and trying to kill them. Among other things, a man imagines his dinner attacking him and another sees a stained glass figure come alive and try to kill him. All of the men injected with the hallucinogen end up dead.

This results from their reactions to the drug. Throughout the movie, not only are these men targeted and attacked with the drug, but so are the three main characters: Holmes, Watson and Elizabeth. All three experience delusions that are very real to them. The viewer can also see what the men are seeing. What makes the film more fantastic is the scenery.

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It is set in London in the 19th century; the streets, shops, and buildings all have a Victorian quality to them. The clothing is also in a distinct Victorian fashion. All this makes it possible for the viewer to get lost within the world the film creates. The unrealistic plot line and implausibility of any real life situation do not detract from the film; it makes it more enjoyable. Young Sherlock Holmes is an adventure movie, but also a fantasy. It is obviously unrealistic, but that is not what is most important.

A movie thrives on flights of the imagination. It is not to be analyzed; else, it loses its appeal. It is likable, charming and engaging. It takes hold of the viewers attention and holds it by whimsical effects, scenery and dialogue. Movies and Cinema Essays.