Evolution Of Society

.. greed, gluttony, and envy are all aspects of capitalistic nature. The four sins of appetite, because that is what the capitalistic world is: hunger for more. In this world today if someone wanted to try to be better, they could. If a man works hard enough to go to school and start at the bottom of the company, but works that much harder than the rest of his coworkers and keeps getting promotions and raises, then one day he will be at the top.

That is the power of capitalism. If someone wants something they have the opportunity to go out and get it. It is not like the communist society where everyone gets the same no matter how hard they work. In communist Russia, if someone was a doctor who studied for years to get their degree they will make the same as a garbage man who didnt even graduate high school. Capitalism is a progress of the world.

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It shows that even in its nonbiblical ways it is a better system for our society as a whole. It gives people a chance to succeed. In feudalism, if someone is born a serf they will stay a serf for the rest of their lives and never be able to become a better person financially and socially, which does help peoples lives physically and mentally. If a man aspires to the position of another than they leave their position and disrupt society. However aspiration can be a diversion of spiritual concerns according to the feudal Catholic regime.

It can mess with the social organism. Traditional societies are based on order and hierarchy. In todays society people are encouraged to order themselves. There is no established scheme. If a man is homeless they still have that opportunity to become something as long as they work hard at what they are trying to accomplish.

Asceticism played a big role in the change of traditionalistic views to modern capitalistic views such as practicing self-denial especially for religious reasons. Earlier many people did not want to succeed because of their ascetic beliefs. They figured if they were to try and get out of the system then they would be persecuted by the Catholic Church and by G-d after death. They wanted to live a sovereign life after death. They feared hell tremendously. For in a time in which the beyond meant everything, when the social position of the Christian depended upon the admission to the communion, the clergyman, through his ministry, Church discipline, and preaching, exercised an influence which modern men are entirely unable to picture.

In such a time the religious forces which express themselves through such channels are the decisive influences in the formation of national character(155). But, later, Since asceticism undertook to remodel the world and to work out its ideals in the world, material goods have gained out its ideals in the world, material good have gained an increasingly and finally and inexorable power over the lives of men as at no previous period in history(181). In medieval times no one cared to have more than the other. No one needed material things as a nice car, a watch, and jewelry. These material goods are something that people need nowadays.

People need nice clothes; they need to have something no one else has. To get these things they have to work just that much harder than the person next to them. Capitalistic society lets us have these things. They are really of no worth to any of us. What is the loss of a diamond necklace if one that was loved wore it, and now it is gone.

The loved one is what is to worry about, not the necklace, and that is a problem in todays society. The fear is that as riches increase that religion will decrease. In a way this is true because when people have lots of money to support themselves and buy themselves material things they start to leave G-d. That is because these people feel they dont need G-d anymore. People pray for things through their lives such as to get certain things and to achieve certain things such as a car or to graduate from college.

What happens after they get that car or graduate college? They thank G-d and then never talk to Him again unless they need something and that is not what G-d is about. G-d is about being there for Him because He is the one that created you and if He wanted can terminate you. The power of religious asceticism provided him in addition with sober, conscientious, and unusually industrious workmen, who clung to their work as to a life purpose willed by G-d(177). The Protestant reformation led to the separation between the church and the state because they felt that G-d wanted them to work and be better people, to achieve salvation and to be successful. Originally the Protestants were much more religious than the Catholics and they wanted to live life under G-d and not through G-d, and this led to the secularism of Europe.

Protestantism gave the world a view that it has never seen before. It showed people that there could be a change in society. The change was when people decided to work harder to achieve more. Work was good; it was what they believed G-d wanted from them. Protestantism helped this world change into a capitalistic society. It helped build the middle class.

They didnt want to be the poorest or even the richest. They just wanted to live happily, and that is what the Reformation brought for them. Through all that as happened this change has showed the people of this world that in reality capitalistic society is one of greed; to want more. To live in a capitalistic society people must remember where they came from. They must remember that what they work for, material goods, is not as important as family and friends. Martin Luther sparked a huge movement in society.

Was it for the better? That depends on the person. Political Issues Essays.