Factors Of Development For Relationships

Factors Of Development For Relationships Factors of Development for Relationships Relationships are a very important part of life. They tend to bring our lives happiness. In my opinion communication with a person, and honesty with a person are the main factors that play the strongest roles in developing good relationships. Communication is vital to developing relationships. All relationships start off with communication whether it be body language or talking.

This is how we find out about one another and get to know each other better. For example, if you were walking and passed by someone and you make eye contact you might smile or nod. The next time you pass by them you might say hello. This is developing a relationship. The second most important factor of developing a relationship in my opinion is honesty.

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If you want to develop a relationship with someone you have to start off by telling them the truth. For example, if you met someone and told them that you had a Porsche when you really had a Nissan, you could never really develop a relationship with that person because they wouldn’t want to develop one with you after they found out that you were lying to them. Speech and Communications.