Father Time

Father time Robert Krueger Father .. A tall, lonely, old man has many wise things to say, but what he wants to say he only speaks in riddles. Riddles that when heard by a kid or to the wisest of men closest to him, is no more than a different language to the ears. This man controls the seasons and the tide. If one wants to say he could see the future go ahead but I warn one not to break his temper or else one might find yourself somewhere you wouldn’t even think of. If he asks someone to get something or do something, he might have a reason more than one could think of.

The future is but a leaf to him that stands still all season long. This man is about as tall as a horse but as skinny as a little boy. His looks deceive the youngest and oldest of men, looking like a weary old man, but people many say his heart is still young. Some of his relatives say that he is the wisest mediator who can handle a situation and come up with the best solution. His diet is the best food that tastes like dreams and his cooking and cleaning skills consist of second works that look as if he took decades to seek perfection.

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His parents are long gone, and he feels as if his heart stopped beating from that time and as if time itself stopped just to weary his dull life. He has no name, but people still come to him and seek his counsel. He is the wisest man one might meet, although when someone asks him for knowledge or an answer he will say neither yes nor no. His library consists of the finest books both magical and real. He reads in a matter of milliseconds and remembers the things he has seen or heard or read all throughout the ages. His house is on the far reaches of the edge of the sky and just below the horizon of heaven.

Seeing the schools of the wisest he controls their future. Time has bent time, but he has also bent time. With no devices or magical weapons his movements are both soft and hard on your frail ears. The winds blow both for him and against him, and the weather argues with him the same. Seeing the sun in the morning is his wake up call and the moon arrives when he calls her.

He knows the name of the animals and species that live around him but only whispers their call for fear of hurting them dearly. He is someone you will meet at the end and someone you will fear till the end. Even he controls life and death, and they both have fiery tempers toward him. Knowing all is both a fulfilling gift and also a deepening threat to him and his life. He knows things that only dreams consist of and he even knows what dreams are made of.

The all knowing eye is he and the all-seeing eyes is one they call him too. He has no worshipping place, but only one thing we wear he controls. He is Father Time and he is watching you as of now.