Foreign Policy

.. taken over by the northern Communist government (613). Americans now began a series of skepticism regarding foreign relations that ended up in war. Some Americans were not very happy about the United States getting involved with other nations civil wars, but there were some that feel as I do; that we were helping to put and end to Communist control in the world. Although we were unsuccessful in the particular instance of Vietnam, I think that the United States should take on the role as world protector.

I believe that the United States should definitely play the part of world protector whenever and wherever possible. In the beginning, I was essentially for the United States being Isolationist, but as time progressed I decided that this is the only way that our nation can go. The United States is the most powerful nation on earth, both economically and militarily, this is a statement hardly anyone can deny (Tonelson 45). The fact that we are the most powerful nation only says that we should take initiative, and guide the world towards peace. It is a responsibility that the United States has to other nations in the world.

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The reason for this is simple. Not only does taking the initiative of world leader show the fact that we have power but also other things. By concerning ourselves with other nations affairs we can make allies that will be good for the future. Granted some look at this as sticking our nose in other countries business, but I dont look at it that way. I look at it like this, there will always be those that are weak in the world and there will always be the strong, therefore I feel those that are in power and are strong, should stick up for these nations, and let them know that they do have some one else in the world that cares.

By involving ourselves as world police if you will, we also gain power in the process of doing our share of helping others. Now that I have proposed my opinion, it is important that we see what our national leader and our government say about foreign policy. Lets take a brief look at the Clinton administration over the last term. Many say that by and large Bill Clintons foreign policy for his first term is passive and reactive (Zakaria 30). Leading Republicans say that the Clinton administration was a foreign policy of wish fulfillment and that it wanted China to respect their people and their rights, for Bosnia to be one nation once more, Hussein to be cowed, and North Korea to be totally rid of nuclear arms (Heilbrunn 28).

This timid and wishful approach to foreign policy made some Americans quite upset; it is not like the United States not to keep an active role in the world. Clinton feels that he is doing a good job though, and likes to be actively involved as a world peacemaker. In fact, recently Clinton has began an expansion of his presidential power concerning foreign policy, and many historians say that the only other president to rival this power was Nixon (Walsh 30). Clinton has a bold attitude when it comes to intervention. He showed the power of the United States Chief Executive with his sending of military power to Haiti, Bosnia, Iraq, and Somalia (Walsh 30). He completely ignored the existence of the War Powers Resolution which was put into action in 1973, says Political Scientist Louis Fisher (Steel 34-36).

The War Powers Resolution was made in order to keep the President from sending troops to other nations without Congress approval. Clinton does not want to come across as a forceful leader though. In fact, President Clinton see this forcefulness as a threat to him becoming a symbol of peace in the world. He thinks that only America can achieve global peace because of its unrivaled power and stature (Omestad 36-37). In the 96 campaign for Presidency, Clinton had a profound statement considering his agenda for foreign policy.

He talked about his election seasons foreign policy as not being very interesting to the average joe in a barber shop or in the cafes of small town America and then said, There are times when only America can make the difference between war and peace, between freedom and repression, between life and death (36). Its this concern by Clinton that has made him a good foreign policy President. As a child of about 10 years old, there were a number of times when I would stick up for my younger sister. She was always getting into some fight with some girl that was bigger than her, or the class bully who wanted her lunch money. I, being older and more powerful if you will, not in great strength for my size, but stronger in the aire of my age, would jump in to save the day.

This not only created a bond with my younger sibling but also a measure of gratitude from other kids my sisters age. Imagine being looked up to and revered by many as a leader. This is the very essence of the United States. When our founding fathers were fighting the British for independence and their very lives, they never knew just what a symbol of freedom the United States of America would become. They didnt know that one day, this nation of rebels would have the responsibility of maintaining order in the world we live in.

The government has a obligation to Americans to keep them in touch with other nations, not only for our sake, but the sake of the world. As a, no as the superpower on earth, we should make foreign policy an important aspect of our governing. We have gone over the different views of foreign policy such as Isolationism and Internationalism and gone over some past problems in other countries that needed American intervention. I have also discussed the views of Bill Clinton and what role he plays in the United States foreign policy in this decade. Who knows what might happen in the future? Is a world of peace and tranquillity so far fetched? I believe that it possibly is, but our nation was founded under strong moral beliefs that should be reflected not only now but in years to come; a sense of responsibility as a world leader and as a deciding force in the world.

In the winter of 96/97 Bill Clinton gave a profound speech to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. He summed it up best with this, We cannot save all the worlds children, but we can save many of them. We cannot become the worlds policeman. but where our values and our interests are at sake and where we can make a difference we must act and we must lead. That is our job and we are better, stronger and safer because we are doing it(Omestad 37).