Free Argumentative Essays: Euthanasia is the Solut

ion euthanasia argumentative persuasive essaysEuthanasia is the Solution
Should a patient who has lost all powers of reasoning and who lives
like a vegetable, totally hopeless and helpless, a terminal case who only
wants to die, be forced to live? The number of people who are asking this
question increases each day. Although the official position of the medical
profession is to maintain life indefinitetely, regardless of the condition
of the patient, but with certain cases, euthanasia should be administered.
We are living in an age of medical miracles. Medicine, has made so
much dramatic progress, that lifesaving techniques were thought to be
impossible, a generation age. Ill patients throughtout the world are kept
alive by the use of defribbrilators, respirators, pacemakers and other
similar equipment. A study was done by the American Encephalograhic Soceity
has concluded that when an EEG reading is what is known as “flat line” the
person, is officially dead. What this actually means is that although there
may not be any brain activity, other vital organs can work by means of
certain equipment. Now heart- lung machines can augment the duration of
Well some say that life is precious, HOW IS LIFE PRECIOUS, WHEN IT CAN
I believe that Euthanasia should be legalized because of that option
of dying. People say that their should be a option to live, but I think
that there should also be a option to die. Many also think that they should
stay alive because they don’t want death for their own reason. Why not put
them out of there misery, if the pain that one goes through is excruciating
why not let them die.
Many states have laws that state, that explain the condition of when a
person is deceased. States believe that they should authorize the death of
a individual when it is not really there’s to make. I believe that there
should be a choice of death or life. I am not saying who should make the
decision, but all I am saying is that Euthanasia should be legalized. Think
of it this way, if someone dear to you had died, you would instinctively
think that the person should live. Well, how do you think that the person
that is dear to you feels?. Maybe he is in pain? Although the organs may
work, what is the difference between death and a vegetable when the
vegetable just has his vital organs working, and both the decesed and the
vegetable have no use of the brain.