Games A long time i have tried not to get involved not to get attached not to fall in love i promised i would never let anyone break my heart i swore id never play that painful part look at me now… im falling so fast so hard to hang on when i want this to last the look in his eyes the smile on his face the sound of his voice the invasion of my space.. i want it all , i beg thatt it never goes away that he never leaves he never breaks my already fragile heart i dont want to cry its gonna make my lonely soul die god why? why did i find him i should have walked away i choose the wrong path i chose to stay what the *censored* was i thinking? im down on my knees begging you to stop stop these feelings inside me please….. they keep getting stronger its makeing me weaker i dont want to give in i see it already the nights full of tears when he decides he does not want to stay near what is my problem? it was always soo easy i used to play them like a game i never cared i played with their minds i *censored*ed with their hearts i made them fall when all i did was lie i never loved *censored* that i never hurt and i never cried at least not from living that lie not from playing those games not from hurting the people that cared about me i only cried cause i could never feel the shame i know this time its not gonna be the same im falling so fast i know ill get burned i see the tables have turned my hate for love is growing stronger only because im takeing that path the one that will make a broken heart last i question my motives i look to my past whare the hell am i going whare ever ill get there fast i hope he will join me for he made me fall i hope i dont loose him for i took down my wall i dont want the tears to be turned upon me i cant deal with the pain that will become my reality so when this all happens ill look back to the games and relize why i live with such beauty but drowen in deep pain I know now I am the only one to blame.