GDP As a Measure of the Economy

The GDP is not a sufficient gauge of how the nation’s economy is doing.

The GDP is a sum of the monetary value of what has been produced in the nation
in the past year.The formula for calculating the GDP ignores a large
percentage of the activities that transpire in the nation’s economy. The
formula ignores several things as work done in the home and activities in the
underground economy. In general, the GDP includes several items that in reality
do not indicate the nation’s economic level while excluding a large proportion
of the activities of the nation.

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The GDP does not include several things that greatly affect the nation’s
economic standings. The formula does not consider these things simply because
they cannot be measured with any accuracy. The work done in the home affects
the welfare of the economy because it takes time to care for a house, time that
an individual could be working. So in essence, an individual pays themselves to
for housework. Also, the underground economy encompasses a considerable amount
of the transactions in the economy. This underground economy consists of
illicit transactions and the legal ones that cannot be traced. GDP does not
include the ecological damage rendered every day by humanity. The pollution
caused by everyday life such as trash and the pollution caused by factories and
such all damper the economic standings of a nation. While several immeasurable
items are left out of the calculation of GDP, a few things are included that do
not necessarily need top be. When a disaster strikes a community, the costs of
rebuilding are counted in the GDP. The should be counted because it causes work
for some but it also is hurting others.

In summation, GDP is not a competent ranking of the nation’s economic
standings. In the determine of GDP, there are too many items left out of the
formula and one too many to give a accurate description of the economy’s well-
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