Gender Equality

Gender Equality The Landlady Continued .. .. .. .. .. 4.) The two colloquial expressions that Billy uses to indicate that the landlady is insane are the she is slightly dotty and off her rocker. 5.) The word congenial means similar tastes and character.

The word rapacious means seizing by force. 6.) The meaning of Bed and Breakfast as the expression used in England is you spend the night and have breakfast in the morning. 7.) The four details that tell us the story took place in England were the English slang, that Billy came from London on a train, named English schools, and the Bed and Breakfast. 8.) A word you could use to describe Billy Weaver would be curious. Three examples from the story that support my choice would be Christopher Mulholland, that rings a bell.

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Yes indeed, Christopher Mulholland was more than three years ago. I should’ve thought you’d be simply swamped with applicants. 9.) Observations that led Billy to the conclusion that the Bed and Breakfast would be a pretty decent place to stay in would include how well kept the house looked and the dog and bird looked so pleasant in front of the warm fire. The flowers in the window and the bed and breakfast sign drew him in. 10.) The following events have been arranged in a particular sequence so they are correct.

-Billy saw the sign in the window -He was invited into the boarding house -He signed the guest book -He sipped tea with the landlady -He noticed that the bird and the dog were stuf Social Issues.