George W Bush

George W. Bush In this brief essay about Governor Bush, I will be talking about my standings on regarding his issues. I think Bush is making a great decision to reduce or completely stop abortion. Abortion is just like taking someone else’s life. It is just as if someone was to go outside and shoot someone and go on with his or her life like nothing happened.

In a way it is basically murder. What I dont get is why he won’t force litmus paper test yet he wants to reduce the rate of abortions. I think he has the right idea in mind, but is just a little confused with what he wants to accomplish when he becomes president. Governor Bush believes that the best way to protect the innocent is to fully enforce the law and to ensure swift and sure punishment for criminals. I am fully for Bush’s tough crime policies. As a result of his tough policies, violent crime in Texas is down 20 percent and violent juvenile crime is down 44 percent.

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I think that the best step Bush took, was in signing the legislation providing comprehensive juvenile justice reform, tougher sex offender laws, longer sentences for violent repeat offenders, and zero tolerance for drunk driving. That should have a huge effect in the polls, for Bush’s part. Also if the violent crime rate dropped when Bush was governor for Texas, what’s no to say that it may drop for the whole U.S. if he is elected for president? Governor Bush believes that all Americans should have the opportunity to learn and develop skills, should be able to work, choose where to live, and participate in community life no matter what type of disability they have. That is very high spoken of Bush because not all disabled Americans have that privilege and for him to propose to fix it is really great of him. Although progress has been made over the last two decades Governor Bush believes that much more needs to be done.

I think that Governor Bush’s a $1.025 billion over 5 years proposal is great. He wants to use that money to expand access to technology, to further provide Americans with disabilities into the workforce, and to remove barriers to full participation in community life for all Americans. I completely agree on this view Bush’s idea to help the people less fortunate is good not only for him, but also for the rest of the country. Governor Bush proposes to reform the nations public schools, as he has in Texas, which is one of two states that have made the greatest recent progress in education. His view on this is great because he is not just thinking about the kids, but about our future because these kids are the people that are going to be running our economy.

He proposes to close the achievement gap, set high standards, and ensure school safety. States will be offered freedom from federal regulation, but will be held accountable for results. Performance will be measured annually, and parents will be empowered with information and choices. Governor Bush will reform Medicare so that seniors have access to prescription drugs, modern medicine, and have more control over their own health care. By showing senior citizens that he cares he will be getting many votes for that. Medicare is currently headed toward financial collapse. Its benefits package is outdated and is covering neither prescription drugs nor other routine services such as physicals, vision tests, and hearing aids.

Governor Bush will reform Medicare by providing seniors with a prescription drug benefit as well as the ability to choose their own modern, comprehensive health plan. This is good idea on Bush’s part because he s showing them that event though they may be old he doesnt want their health plans to be old as well. Governor Bushs plan will cover all prescription drug expenses for low-income seniors, the full cost of Medicare premiums for low-income seniors, at least part of the premium cost for all seniors, and the cost of tremendously high Medicare costs for all seniors. By doing this Bush is showing that not only does he care about the younger generation by also about they older generation as well. Next week elections will start to take place. It is pretty obvious who I would like to vote for if I could, but since I cant it is all in your hands.

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