Glass Meragerie By Williams

Glass Meragerie By Williams “The Glass Menagerie”, is a adorable little play written be Tennessee Williams. The play takes place in tiny apartment, behind an ally, during the 1940s. There is three main charecters, Amanda, Tom, and Laura. Amanda, the mother takes care of her two children as a single mother. She likes to have whats best for the both of her children, but somethimes favors Amanda more.

Amanda is a worrier, who is upset all the time, and still crys over her husband leaving her. Tom is the narrator, and brother of Laura. He works in a factory, and always after work he would go to the movies and get drunk. Laura is Amandas other child who has a crippled leg. She is very selfconcous about herself, and always looks at the bad things, instead of good.

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Amanda treats Laura as if she is crippled, and believes because she is twenty- one, will never have a gentleman caller. Which is a very big deal towards Amanda. Laura is very shy and instread of worrying about guys, shed rather play with her glass menagerie collection. Her glass menagerie collection, reminds us of her throughout the whole play, as in being so fraggle and small. Towards the end of the play, Laura recieves a gentleman caller. His name is Jim, he is a nice average man, and he is brought home with Tom because, they both work together. Amanda makes a huge deal out of this; she thinks that she has to get Laura a new dress, clean the house up spotless, and make a big dinner.

There is one problem though, they hardly have any money. She does the best she can, and Laura shines like a dimond. When Jim arrives, he turns out to be an old buddy from high school, Laura secrectly adored. At the sight of him she almosts faints. After dinner, she finnaly begins to talk to him alone. He thinks that she is beautiful and tries to show her all the good things in life.

She shows him her glass menagerie, and they dance. While dancing, he leans over and kisses her, but he drops Lauras favorite glass animal. He apoligies, and explains how he shouldnt of kissed her because, he is ingaged. Laura is heart broken very badly, she has never had anyone to hurt her like this before. It just goes to show how fragle she is in “The Glass Menagerie”.