I had always wanted to see my grandfather but I have been told that he lived in the forest and no one had ever seen him since my birth. I had decided to investigate the matter my self more in depth. It was all one day that my lawyer had informed me of the will that my grandfather had left, which said that I was the one to inherit his property in the country forest. The sheriff of that region has acquired the will mysteriously with out ever knowing who send it. Everyone assumed that it was a genuine will, and that it had to be executed immediately as it was stated, because no one has seen my grandfather for past seven years.
One day I decided to go see my prize. When I arrived at the pub that my grandfather used to frequent, the host and his wife warmly greeted me. I asked them for directions to my old mans property. They were happy to give it but they did inform me that they have never been on the property it self. I had a beer, thanked them and went off in the direction of the forest. When I reached the old cooper gate that was covered with fungi. I broke the lock and pushed the squeaky gate open, which scared all the pigeons to take off at once. I was suspicious, because there arent any pigeons in the forest. As I was approaching the small dark wooden hut next to this beautiful steam of water which seemed to play music as it went across the curved rocks. I walked in to the hut, to see there on the wall a painting of my grandfather, it was professional, and the lines were so realistic that he seemed to be alive. I went over to touch it, as my hand stretched out and was about to touch the canvas, someone has tapped me on my shoulder. My feet almost gave way for I was staring at this young looking man who was a replica of my grandfather.

I was speechless, then he started to explain. He said he had one day gone out to gather some mushrooms and veggies. When suddenly he came across this stunning looking flower which gave off a rich aroma. He picked it, and thought it would be well suited as a spice for his autumn borsht. Later that night he cooked his meal, ate it, and happily went to sleep. Only to discover what had taken place the next morning, he was young again.
As it turns out, my grandfather had discovered the entrance to Eden. The hut was placed over a bolder which covered it. Although it was locked away from the human world, the ground around it still gave off its fruitfulness.

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