In this paper I am going to write about the movie “Grease.” Specifically, on the two main characters Sandy and Danny. I will be describing and analyzing their interpersonal communication, but mainly on the conflict of their communication.

At the beginning they Sandy & Danny start off with a great relationship. They meet at the beach during summer break. Thinking they would never see each other again they went their separate ways. But Sandy ends up moving and goes to the same high school as Danny. They don’t know that the other is at the same school until Rizzo, one of the “pink ladies” introduces them to on another at the football pep rally. This is when all the conflict starts. Danny and Sandy are so excited to see each other, but all of sudden Danny changes his tone of voice, as well as attitude toward Sandy. Sandy is taken back by the way Danny is acting. She asks him, “What is wrong with you?” Then he replies “What’s the matter with me, What’s the matter with you?” Going on she calls him a fake and a phony and says she wishes she never laid eyes on him. The T-Birds, Danny’s friends start giving Danny a hard time about Sandy. So in a nutshell he treats her like she is just an ordinary person and not a girl that he cares for. On one day Sandy is at the local restaurant with a guy that happens to run track and Danny keeps watching her. When Sandy goes to the juke box she walks by Danny and does not acknowledge his existence. Danny then approaches Sandy and begins to give her a hard time about the guy that she is with. Sandy is very short with Danny and does not let on that she is upset.

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Danny then decides for Sandy to notice him that he needs to become athletic, so he starts trying out for different sports. While running track Danny sees Sandy in the bleachers talking with the guy that she was with at the local restaurant. Danny attempts to impress Sandy by jumping over hurdles but he trips and falls, but Sandy runs to his aide to check to see if Danny is ok. He asks her about having a date for the “big dance” but she states “No”. At this point Danny takes the opportunity to ask her to go with him and she accepts, but states that she did not appreciate the way he treated her the other night. They decide to go to the local restaurant, but before they go in Danny states that he does not want to go in because he does not want people to bother them. And so he says that he would rather go to a place where they could have some privacy. Before they have a chance to leave friends see Danny and Sandy outside and they come out to see them. Sandy asks he Danny would like to come and have tea with her and her family, but Danny replies he don’t like tea. And moments later the two of them leave. The two go to the dance together and are getting along great, until one of Danny’s ex-girlfriend’s arrives with one of his buddies. Sandy asks how he knows this girl and he states it’s “a friend of the family.” Next, Sandy is whisked away from Danny and this ex-girlfriend begins to dance with him. Sandy being visually upset runs out of the gym and leaves. Danny realizing what has happened but continues to dance.

Sandy and Danny decide to go and see a movie, and he tells her he is sorry about what happened at the dance. She states she still thinks that the girl was more than a friend of the family was, but he denies that she is anything more and proceeds to ask her to wear his ring. She states that this means so much to her and that now she knows he respects her but you see a sour grin on his face. He then tries to make a move on her and once again the conflict has started. He states that now that they are going steady what will they say at school. Sandy is shocked by this comment and leaves and Danny is left wondering why she left.
At the end Sandy and Danny decide it is time for a change. So at the carnival Danny arrives wearing a letterman sweater and Sandy arrives dressed in leather with her hair permed. Sandy tells him he better shape up because her heart is set on him and he replies back with similar comments. Sandy and Danny tell each other that the other is the one that they love.

The nature of their relationship is that of conflict. Sandy is a quiet girl who tries to do everything right and by the book. Whereas, Danny is the “fly by the seat of the pants kind of guy.” Sandy through out the whole movie for the most part acts herself and only starts only conflict that I can recall. Danny though starts conflict from the beginning and is constantly worried about what his friends will think and say. He really shows no compassion towards Sandy, but still tries to “make out” with her. He thinks by giving her his ring that everything is ok and that he can make a move on her without consulting her first. The only conflict that is started by Sandy is where she kept bringing up the girl that was an ex-girlfriend. She kept nagging wanting an answer. It is at this point Danny is attempting to play two roles.

Based on my evaluation I feel that the conflict description and analysis was effective in their relationship. The reason why I believe that it was effective is because if made them stronger and caused each other to take a step back to evaluate themselves. I feel that they dealt with the conflict very well especially Sandy because she still spoke with him and stayed focused on what she really wanted. Danny on the other hand was always trying to get around the issues and not face them. Which made them worse at times. Yes, I believe there was a win-win situation, as well at times a win-lose situation. First, the win-lose situation. Danny when with Sandy at the movies attempted to win by giving her his ring and make a move on her causing her to be the loser. But in all reality she won and he lost. Finally, at the end both were willing to give up each others ways to accommodate the other.

I feel that for Sandy and Danny to communicate better with each other they need to quit worry about what everyone else is doing, as well as what they might say. Danny was more worried about what all his friends would say if he showed his soft heart towards Sandy. I feel that Sandy used the Loyalty Response a lot, showing that she was committed to their relationship and tolerated their differences. Once or twice she used the voice response. When she was trying to find out about the girl he says he never dated, she continually brought it up for they could talk about it. I feel that this conflict was good, due to it helped them both grow and strengthen their relationship. It helped them both realize that they can change how they act towards one another and well as say what they really mean and to be open about how they feel for one another. I think that it was great how the two of them went for the Win-Win strategy to accommodate for the other. In all I feel that Danny and Sandy noticed not only by communicating but also by facial gestures as to what the other was thinking and how each of them could change to get to a compromise and go on with their relationship.