Group Interaction

.. za created his own record label to make sure the group received all the money its music generated. Not only did the Rza make a brilliant move with the record label he made some others for the group. Since the group was making large amounts of money off their music he decided that he wanted to expand the groups talents into other areas beside music. What the group did was open its own clothing line called Wu wear, which now has six stores across the nation.

The Rza has also advised other members on how to handle the individual finances they receive off the groups endeavors, for example he advised Method Man to start his own record label. The Rzas superior judgements make him the leader of the group. Task motivated leaders concentrate on completing a task whereas as a relationship motivated leader tries to find acceptance within their groups. The Rza is task motivated, he beliefs in the vision in his head and concentrates on achieving that vision more than his relationship between him and the other members of the group. This type of leadership style works very well with the group’s level of situational control.

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First the group has great leader-member relation. Furthermore the group is highly cohesive and relatively conflict free, this allows the Rza to be task orientated. Lastly the group has a good understanding of what is expected of them and of the groups goals. Norms and Influence Norms are defined as implicit standards that describe what behaviors should and should not be performed in a given context: consensual guidelines that prescribe the socially appropriate, or “normal”, course of action. According to the above definition the Wu Tangs norm is the allow members of the group to act however they feel, there is no set standards of behaviors or actions. The fact that the Wu Tang Clans norm is no set standard of behaviors creates a very unique brand of music. I say this because allowing nine members to act how they feel results in each member bringing a different musical style to a group.

The end result is nine different styles that blend to form one complete sound. In a sense each member’s own rapping style has become the groups norm. For instance the Genius and the Rza are intelligent rappers while Ghost Face Killah and Raekwon are storytellers with their lyrics. The way each member raps also spills over into how they act when not doing musical activities with the group. As far as the factors that affected member’s tendency to conform to group norms it was size of majority.

The majority of the group has the same beliefs and expectations so there is no minority within the group. There may b a minority when it comes to certain issues but what makes the Wu Tang Clan so unique is they allow a minority to have as much say as the majority. This relates back to the group’s norm of allowing a member to act how they want. In a sense the Wu Tang Clan are nine separate minorities that form into one majority. In the end it is the fact that the majority supports minority ideal which allows the minority to be the majority.

There is no right or wrong in the group, unlike a jury where there is a correct answer. The group influences each other to be unique and then blend all the personalities into one. The Wu Tang Clan as a whole demonstrates normative influence. Normative influence is social influence that results from personal and interpersonal pressures to conform to group norms. The group does not pressure members to conform instead the norm allow members to conform. The fact that the norm of the group is to allow members to act as individuals makes it easy for individuals to conform.

The reason that it is normative is because the social influence creates pressures to act as an individual, which in turn result in personal and interpersonal conformation to group norms. Performance When looking at performance I have decided to look at performance within the group. With music group performances such as a CD or a concert could also be looked at. I feel that social facilitation occurred with the group. Social facilitation is the enhancement of performance when another person is present. I say social facilitation occurred based on the fact that I feel members perform better on a group Wu Tang Clan album than on an individual solo album. I feel that social facilitation would be an expected given the complexity of the task. What allows social facilitation to be a given is that the Wu Tang Clan is a complex group itself. The member’s balance out each other, in other words each member’s strengths cover each other’s weakness.

So when members are together it as if its one person, so social facilitation occurs because when together the group makes individual stronger. First it has to be understood that the task that the group performs are dominant tasks , or well learned or instinctive behaviors that a person has practiced and is primed to perform. Since the task is dominant it lead to one factor that lead to social facilitation , arousal. Arousal is simply responding when others are present. Since the task is dominant and the group is so cohesive I feel that when the group is together it arouses each other to perform at another level, the presence of each other has a stimulating effect. I feel the group works on an additive task. An additive task is a task that requires the summing together of individual member’s inputs to maximize the group’s product.

A Wu Tang song will consist of usually four or five of the members, each with a different style. When these styles are put together the end product is a song that is strong in every aspect. So in a sense it’s like pulling a rope, each member is pulling or rapping for a single goal. With each other’s input the end product is much more enjoyable and more complex, which is a better product in music. So needless to say process gain occurred. Process gain is when a group reaches it potential.

As I stated earlier when the group is together performing as a whole all members reach their potential and so does the group. It’s hard to say how the group demonstrates transactive memory. Transactive memory is when group members remember or do things that they fell that the other members of the group will not. The reason I say that its hard to tell if the group demonstrated transactive memory is because I fell that transactive memory is something that you d have to be within the group to fully recognize. I would have to have the much more access to the group to see how transactive memory is demonstrated. I feel that the fact that I don t fully see how transactive memory is being used is a good thing.

It shows that the group works very well together, for the fact that they hide each others weaknesses so well that its not evident to a fan. . Psychology Essays.