Guest House

Guest House The first chapter introduces Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. We dont know their first names because the wife calls her husband Mr. Bennett and he calls her my dear.

They have five grown up daughters and one is named Lizzy or Elizabeth who is the fathers favorite. The mother thinks Jane is handsome (or good-looking) and Lydia humored. The other two daughters have not been introduced yet. Mr. Bennett thinks they are all silly and ignorant, except Lizzy. Mrs.

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Bennett wants the father to go with her to visit an eligible, well to do bachelor who will move into a neighboring estate at Michealmas the 29th of September, so she can aquaint him with her 5 available daughters. She would love to marry them off to money. Theres not much going on in her life except worrying about marrying her daughters and visiting with the other neighbors. Mr. Bennett, however, is not interested in meeting Mr. Bingley form Northern England and after twenty three years of marriage fancies himself to be the greater mind of the two. Chapter II Mr.

Bennett goes ahead and is one of the first people to visit Mr. Bingley. He doesnt tell them straight out that he has been to visit him, because he knows theyre all dying to meet him. So, he teases them about it first by telling them that hey may be the ones to introduce him to some of the other neighbors. They still dont catch on until he drops the bomb that hes already been to visit.

He enjoys their shocked reaction, but doesnt stick around. In this chapter we find out that Lizzy (the fathers favorite) is the second daughter. We also find out that one of the other daughters name is Kitty and she has an annoying cough and is really sensitive about it. The other girls name that we didnt know is Mary, who is a bookworm. She is quiet.

We also find out that Lydia is the youngest, but is also the tallest of the 5 girls. She appears to have a little spunk to her. Chapter III The girls along with their mother try to get their father to tell them about Mr. Bingley. They try every cleaver thing that they can think of to get even a hint of that he looks like or personality. But he eludes all their questioning.

I think he is enjoying superiority in this situation. They get a second hand report form the neighbor whose husband tells her that Mr. Bingley was young, handsome, nice, and had plans to attend the next ball. This was great news that he liked to dance. The custom of the day was to return a visit and being a proper gentleman. Mr. Bingley calls on Mr.

Bennett. He is also hoping to get a glimpse of the young ladies and them of him, but all the girls see of him is his clothes, and he saw nothing of them. He is invited to dinner, but he cant make it. When they all get to the ball the eligible bachelor brings his two sisters, a brother-in-law, and another gentleman named Mr. Heust. At first he seems to be very dashing and charming.

He also has a lot of money. In the course of the evening his true colors come out. He comes across as haughty, proud, and disagreeable. Elizabeth Bennett overhears a conversation between the 2 friends that leaves no doubt that he thinks he is to good for all of them. Being the lively spirited girl she is also wants some time to try to tell her friends Book Reports.