Gun Control

Gun Control Gun Control Gun control is a law concerning firearms. A year ago, when it was just some obscure bill, and people were fighting it, I didn’t know what it was. It seemed lots of people were fighting it so it must have been bad. I want to show people it is bad. That is what my essay is about.

The government may have had good intentions of fighting crime by registering guns so that the police would know if a gun was involved in a crime, whose gun it was. The downside to this is, what criminals are going to register their guns? Imagine this: you are a criminal, and you are going to commit a crime with a gun. Are you going to register the gun that you are going to register the gun that you are going to use? I don’t think so. Another thing is that the government may have tried to find a way to solve some crime problems, but this new bill has given anti-gun people the ammunition they need to ban most kind of guns. Initially the registration was just for handguns and assault weapons. I can understand that, but next they wanted to register ALL guns.

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I can kind of see where this is going. Soon guns will be banned from all citizens except for law and military personnel. This is what the SS and Gestapo of Germany did in the thirties and forties. Yes, it definitely looks like the kind of gun control Hitler implemented. Then Stalin and Fidel Castro did a similar form of gun control. Now Chretien is doing just about the same.

In the U.S., the people there, have less restrictive gun laws. For example, in Wyoming people are allowed to carry handguns as long as they are not concealed. Their crime rate is also low. Is there a connection here? If you tried to rob a bank there, you probably would bet blown to pieces. I think that system works better than gun control. In the U.S., they do not have to register their guns and the majority of owners use them responsibly.

Is the government of Canada saying Canadians do not use their guns responsibly, so we have to register our guns? I think we are responsible with our guns, don’t you? Then why do we have to register our guns? In Canada if a gun is used in the commission of a crime, there is a mandatory jail sentence and a fine. Instead of registration, then enforce this instead. Now, let’s talk about the cost of gun control. At the start of the gun control process, the government said if the cost of gun control was over 80 million, they’d cancel. Today, the cost of gun control is estimated at 135 million.

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