Guns Of August

Guns Of August The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman Barbara Tuchman’s “Guns of August” is about World War 1. Her book has a unique way of telling this story. Her books gives explanations for each country’s involvement in the war. It describes the opinions of the Czar and reasons for all of his crucial decisions during this time. It also explains how Germany was in a tight spot and prepared for war a few years before it actually began.

England was not to worried about the war in Europe because it had it’s own problems. The English people didn’t think it was necessary for them to enter the war. However England got involved to try to protect the weak country of Belgium being attacked by Germany. Germany was in a very difficult position because much of Europe was at odds with it. Germany was prone to attack for two reasons, according to Barbara Tuchman.

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One reason is that it is geographically in the center of Europe and between its enemies. Another is that it held on to territories that once belonged to France. This put France and Germany at odds. She also explains that Russia was militaristically weak. However, there was a type of myth that Russia was invincible (according to the author). France slightly believed this myth.

They formed an alliance with Russia because in part of this myth and also because it was better for two to face off with Germany than France alone. I like this book very much because it goes into great detail. She explains vividly the events occurring that were crucial in deciding the outcome of the war. She also writes in story form just like her other books, and it’s always easier to read a story that study a text book. My favorite thing about this book was that makes the war seem like a story I’ve never read, even though most people know the major events of the war.

Her style of writing keeps you guessing what’s next. History Essays.