Harry Potter And Sorcerer Stone By Rowling

.. , when he tries to fly a broomstick he ends up breaking his wrist because he can’t control it. Malfoy taunts him constantly for this. Harry, on the other hand, has great skills at flying a broomstick. On his first try he has great agility and speed. Professor McGonagall describes him by saying, “The boy’s a natural.

I’ve never seen anything like it..He caught that thing in his hand after a fifty-foot dive, didn’t even scratch himself.” (p. 151). Harry receives much praise and many compliments for all of his great plays at Quidditch. All of these ways of judging people are not good ways to judge others. People cannot control how much money their parents have, whether or not they are from Muggle families, which house the Sorting Hat puts them in, their natural intelligence or innate skills at magic, so it is unfair to use these means to pass judgment on a person.

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Rowling understands this fact and she makes an important point by showing her readers better ways to judge people through the character’s actions. She shows that it is preferable to judge people based on their integrity and heart. This is a very important message to send off in a children’s book. Although the characters have flaws, she makes the readers see their goodness by making the virtuous characters heroes and by allowing their reputable qualities overpower their unfavorable flaws. For example, although Hagrid is not especially intelligent or proficient at magic, he has a good heart.

He cares very much about the well being of others. This is seen in all of his actions, from the beginning of the novel when he brings Harry to the Dursley’s doorstep, to protecting Harry, Neville and Malfoy in the forest, to caring for the baby dragon to the present he gives Harry at the end of the year. Neville also illustrates honorable qualities to look for in a person. Even though he is seen as sort of a weak and incompetent character he is rewarded for standing up to his friends to trying to protect them at the end of the novel. This is a very brave and noble thing for him to do.

Hermione is also rewarded for her admirable qualities. She does not come from a Wizard family but that does not keep her from being the smartest in the class. This illustrates the importance of a sound work ethic. Her intelligence ends up helping Harry get through the secret passage to fight Voldemort. The entire time that she is helping Harry she is paying close attention to his well being because she is worried about him.

She knows that intelligence is not the most important thing. Right before Harry continues on his way she proves this by saying, “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things friendship and bravery and oh Harry- be careful!” (p. 287). This shows that it is not just what one holds in their head, but what she holds in her heart as well. Ron also exhibits some outstanding character traits.

He sacrifices himself in a chess game to help Harry out. It proves that he is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Finally, Harry exhibits numerous positive characteristics. He is generous, caring, and he always does things in order to achieve some greater good. Although he gets in trouble a lot, he is not a bad kid. Instead he is the hero in the novel.

By making Harry the hero, Rowling teaches children various redeeming qualities for which they should strive. In the end, all of these characters win points for Gryffindor and Gryffindor ends up winning the House Cup. This is the way the ending should be because all of the virtuous characters are in Gryffindor. By having Gryffindor win, Rowling shows that upright, honorable characters don’t always finish last. Rowling not only teaches a lesson by rewarding the good characters, but she also teaches a lesson by punishing the immoral and corrupt guys. At the end of the story Dumbledore awards Ron, Hermione, Neville and Harry a total of 170 points for their brave actions in fighting Voldemort.

This puts them nine points ahead of Slytherin in the battle for the House Cup. When Gryffindor win the House Cup, Slytherin loses. This is important because Malfoy is a member of Slytherin. By having Slytherin lose, Rowling illustrates the point that all of Malfoy’s superficial judgments are not a good way to judge people. He ends up being seen as the antagonist.

He becomes the bad example that children should not follow. The most important example of evil and wickedness in the novel is Voldemort. In the battle between Voldemort and Harry, Voldemort loses. He loses because his powers are not stronger than love. Harry was saved by love.

Dumbledore says, “Your mother died to save you. If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love..Quirrell full of hatred, greed and ambition, sharing a soul with Voldemort, could not touch you for this very reason.” (p. 299). This message is the strongest message in the whole book. It teaches children that love is always better than hate and that love conquers all. There are not many messages that are better for children to read.

By the end of the novel J.K. Rowling has taught her readers many important life lessons. The way the characters judge each other on an external level can be compared to the way many people are judged in real life. People are judged all the time by their intelligence, financial status, their various skills and abilities and by the color of their skin. Rowling shows through the actions of her characters that it is better to judge people by their character and their heart than by aspects of their life that they can’t control. She also shows her readers how important it is to love and take care of each other.

If people do not take care of each other than they will accomplish nothing. Although Harry is the hero in the novel, he couldn’t have beaten Voldemort without the help of his friends. Teamwork is a necessity for having a successful life. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a very entertaining novel, but more importantly, it gives off many essential life lessons.