Harry Potter

.. Harry Potter And the Chamber of Secrets By Matt Carlson Harry returns from Hagwarts back to the Dursleys home for another terrible summer. He returns home on his birthday and nobody even remembers. Harry has to stay upstairs all night because Uncle Vernon is having business guests over for a dinner party. Then, out of the blue, an house elf named Dobby sneaks into Harrys bedroom and is becoming out of control because hes so excited to meet Harry.

He tells Harry that he must not go back to Hogwarts because something bad is going to happen there. Harry gets upset for one thing because he is too loud, and for another because he has been stopping Harrys mail. Dobby tells Harry he can have them if he promises not to go to Hogwarts. Harry just becomes madder and so Dobby takes off downstairs right in the middle of the dinner party. Dobby escapes and Uncle Vernon becomes so angry with Harry that he locks him up in his room.

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That night Ron, and his two brothers, came to Harrys rescue in a flying car that their dad built. They returned home to an angry mother who didnt know they took the car. The Weasley boys get yelled at while Harry is treated with the up most respect. The next day Harry and the Weasleys all went shopping for the new coming year at Hogwarts. While shopping, Harry bumps into Gilderoy Lockhart, a kind of wizard celebrity. Lockhart instantly recognizes Harry and they have pictures taken together.

A couple days later they were getting ready to go back Hogwarts on the train through the train station. Harry and Ron were the last ones to go through and then all of a sudden, crash! They didnt make it through. It was solid. So Ron and Harry decide to take the flying car to Hogwarts. They make it there and crash into a tree called a Whomping Willow.

This kind of tree can move and cause damage which was exactly what happened. They car escaped barely before it was completely crushed. Harry and Ron barely made it out also. Snape catches them and goes and gets Professor McGonagall. They thought they were going to become expelled but lucky enough they werent. Rons little sister turned out to be in Grfyndorf which was a relief to everybody.

The next day everybody heard about the flying car and were all congratulating Ron and Harry and also their classes begun. It turned out that the first day of class with Lockhart was horrible. All he talked about was himself. After the class was over, nobody liked him anymore. The next day Harry and Ron went to Nearly Headless Nicks deathday party. It was the worst thing they have ever been too but since Harry was Nicks friend he stayed anyway.

Out of nowhere Harry started hearing a small shrill voice. It kept saying Time to kill.kill.soo hungryfor soo long.rip.tearkill Hermoine and Ron were with him at the time but nobody heard anything except Harry. Harry chased the voice and Ron and Hermoine chased Harry until they came to a dead end against the wall where Mrs. Norris the caretakers cat hung dead. On the wall there was writing in her blood that said, The Chamber OF Secrets Has Been Opened.

Enemies Of The Heir, Beware. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine were taken into Dumbledores office where they were being intericated. Dumbledore knew it wasnt them so he let them go. The next couple of days they were checking out every to find out who petrified Mrs. Norris. They stopped in the girls bathroom to where Moaning Mrtle, a dead wizard, was.

She knew nothing. The next day they asked the History of Magic teacher if he knew the story of the Chamber of Secrets. He told them about four thousand years ago four people built Hogwarts. Slytherin, Grfyndorf, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. He said that once they built the castle they started looking for kids who had magic that they could educated. Slytherin wanted to only teacher kids born into wizard families but Grfyndorf disagreed.

So Slytherin left the school and built a Chamber of Secrets inside the castle with a beast inside. The heir of Slytherin could open The Chamber and release the beast killing all people who were at that school who were not born into wizard families. A week later Harry went to a dueling club taught by Snape. He was showing everybody how to duel against another wizard. Malfoy and Harry were the first to duel.

Malfoy said a spell and instantly the end of his wand shot out a snake. Harry started talking to it and set it on Justin. Then he called it back thinking he was a hero. Snape made the snake vanish and every body was a little uneasy. Harry soon realized he was a Parselmouth, someone who can talk to snakes. Its also a characteristic of a heir of Slytherin. The next two weeks several attacks have been made. Kids who were not born into a wizarding family had suddenly been petrified. That day Harry finds a diary in the stall of Moaning Mrtyle and finds out it is all blank but he decides to pocket it anyway.

The only thing it said on there was T.M. Riddle. Hermoine came running into the bathroom all excited because she found out that fifty years ago the Chamber was opened and T.M. Riddle got a reward for catching the heir. That night Harry was staring at the diary and finally something inside of him told him to write on it. He wrote hello and the diary answered back.

Harry kept on a conversation all night. Riddle told him that Hagrid had opened the Chamber fifty years ago and proved it to him because he turned the diary into a TV. It turns out that Harry discovered that the Chamber was in the girls bathroom where Mrtyle is. The one killing or petrifying everybody is a snake and Riddle is the Dark Lord Voldemort as a kid. The teachers had a meeting and found out the Ginny, Rons sister had opened the Chamber through the diary she threw in the toilet. She was afraid that Riddle would tell Harry all her secrets so she panicked and stole it back. Harry went through the Chamber in search of Ginny and ran into Riddle or Voldemort.

Harry and Voldemort were talking back and forth. Harry was becoming angry and scared for the Dark Lord Voldemort called the serpent to the room. Out of nowhere a Phoenix bird flew in with the sorting hat and placed it in Harrys arms. The Phoenix attacked the serpent and poked its eyes out. Harry then reached inside the sorting hat and found a sword and so he stabbed the book.

So was the end of Riddle and the Monster from the Chamber of Secrets. Book Reports.