Hatchet His dad and mom were divored. The boy was on his way to see is dad. so he got in a plane. & on the way the ploit showed he to fly the plane . then the ploit had a heartattack & The boy had to fly the plane but he did not know how to fly a lot.than the plane ran out of gas then crased in a lake he got but not the ploit. so he swam to shore & slept for a long time then he woke up and he was hungere ** so he went ot get berres he ate so much he was sick so he slept.

then he had to build a shelter & he did. he wanted a fire but he did not have a matches so he did not have one so he went to bed. he woke up & he made a spear so he can get food. then he got food so he went to bed & at night a tornado hit & got his shelter so he fixed it.then he took his hatchet & made it sparked & caught fire so he had a fire then he saw the tale of the plane so he built a boat & went to it & he had to swim to the window to get in so did he saw the ploit in the back he saw a bag he grabed it & get to shore. he got back & slept he woke up & saw a blanket & a emergency transmitter flicked the switch but nothing haped so he made some food that was in the bag than a plane landed & got the boy & took he home THE END Book Reports.

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