Health Care

John Kerry says that he will try to get a stronger affordable healthcare. Over the last
three years family premiums increased more than three thousand five hundred and twelve as
well as prescription drugs. They have grown four times more and quicker than ever. Now
that shows that Kerry will try to improve these high price increases. These costs have hurt
our economy. And we do deserve a President that will not make these American family’s
become broke. That is pretty much what Bush was doing for the past three years. Kerry
mentions that he will try hard to prevent this. Instead of spending three thousand five
hundred and twelve a year, Kerry will help us save money by spending only one thousand a
year. All the other extra money that Bush would cause us to use we can spend on things like
shopping for grocery’s. He will lower the price of prescription drugs, use taxes cuts and most
importantly to give a high-quality coverage to ninety-five percent of Americans. To make
affordable health care a right not a privilege. I honestly really do agree with this comment
one hundred percent. The four main things that John Kerry will do that will help us
Americans save more money and afford healthcare. One way is to cut your premiums. To
cover all Americans with quality care. To cut the price of prescription drugs. And lastly to
cut waste and inefficiency. Bush believes that Americans should be able to have affordable
health care. He will not be shifting costs to tax payers. He provides affordable health care
for those who deserve it most. Unlike Kerry he said he will try to provide affordable health
care to not only the people who need it most but to all Americans and it will be a right not a
privilege. Bush mentions the five important things that he has done as a president and will try
to continue these things. One was he allowed Americans to own and control their health care.

That is a very idiotic comment because we by the health care so of course we should own it
and control it. He expanded the community and rural health centers. I think that is not true
because I now for sure that there aren’t any of those changes in our community. He lowered
drug costs for millions of Americans. Well if Bush already did that then why would Kerry
say he is planning to lower prescription drug prices. And in the past three years the cost has

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