Heritage Lesson Plan My Name

Heritage Lesson Plan – My Name TITLE: Heritage unit – My Name GRADE LEVEL/SUBJECT: 4th and 5th grade, history OVERVIEW: Students will research their name to learn more about themselves. PURPOSE: This lesson will help to develop student self-concepts and promote a deeper understanding of themselves. OBJECTIVES: 1. Students will learn how to use maps, globes and other geographic tools to locate and derive information about people, places and environments. 2. Students will locate, evaluate, and use relevant information sources for their reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing.

3. Students will find and label the country their name came from on the map. 4. Students will complete the My Name worksheet. PREREQUISITE SKILLS: Research skills such as locating resources, index, and the table of contents. RESOURCES AND MATERIAL: Reference books Encyclopedias Books on family names and history Flat world map Construction paper My name worksheet–ATTACHED Push pins Art supplies ACTIVITIES AND PROCEDURES: The teacher will lead a discussion about names, where their name came from, what they think their name means, and would they like to change their name? NOTE: You may want to check the meaning of your students’ last names or use first names only. First names are usually positive.

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Surnames can have bad meanings, which could give the student a poor self-concept. ? The teacher will model how to find information using glossaries, table of contents, resources, etc. ? The students will think about a name they’d like to have and research it. ? The teacher will have the students research their real name and their new name using the My Name worksheet. ? After completing the worksheet, the students will illustrate their name according to the meaning of their name on one side of a piece of construction paper and attach their worksheet to the other side of the paper. ? Students will share their paper and picture with the rest of the class. ? As each person shares their work they will also locate the country their real name originated in and mark it by attaching their name to that country. ? Discuss what was learned from the activity.

What they liked/disliked, what they wish they could have found etc. ? The teacher will hang the world map somewhere in the classroom for everyone to see. ? The teacher will make a big book using the completed papers with the research and illustrations, and leave in the classroom for the students to look at. EXTENSION: What is similar and different about our names? What did you notice about the countries our names came from? ASSESSMENT: Students will receive two grades. One will be based on the completion and correctness of the worksheet and illustration.

The second will be for contributing to our class book. My Name 1. My name is . 2. The country my name originates in is .

3. My name means . 4. Other interesting facts about my name are . 5.

If I chose a name for myself it would be . 6. I chose the name because . 7. The country my new name originates in is .

8. My new name means . Education Essays.