Human Emotion

Human Emotion After keeping an emotional diary for three weeks, I came to the broad conclusion that the human mind is very, very complex, and it doesn’t take much to completely change one’s attitude or psychological state. A very small event in your life that you will probably forget about in a couple hours can make you mad, sad, or hurt. For the past three days, I spent a lot of time with my girlfriend, since, after all, it was the weekend. We did some things that were fun and made me happy. For instance, on Saturday night, we went to her semi-formal dance at Leavitt High School.

We danced, laughed, and had a good time. When I saw her dancing with another guy, I must admit that I felt a little jealousy arise inside of me. It was instantaneous, and didn’t last very long, but yet I felt completely different just from the occurance of one small matter. When I am around my girlfriend, I feel love. I feel it when I’m not around her also. It’s not the same kind of love that I feel for my parents or my siblings. It’s more of a passionate kind of love.

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I want to see her everyday, but I do not feel like I have to see me family everyday. I am determining that this love is the stuff that will make me do anything for her. I often fulfill ridiculous requests that she makes, or give her a back rub when I am really tired. This shows me that love is very important and pursuasive in the human brain. It will make a person act completely different.

It is powerful. I also can draw the conclusion that emotional responses differ depending on what type of mood you are in. One day, while I was laying on my bed trying to do homework for the third hour in a row, my little brother came in and jumped on me and tryed to get me to wrestle with him. Normally, I would be for it and would kick his butt, but since I had been doing homework for so many hours, I felt very irritable and got angry at him. He probably got more than he bargained for.

The type of mood you are in can make you act in different ways in different situations. Had I been happy when my brother tryed to do that, I probably would have wrestled with him like he was trying to get me to do. In conclusion, I can draw the fact that it is not easy to predict how the human mind will react in situations. You must go through them yourself, and analyze your reactions in order to interpret your actions. Being a psychologist is probably harder than it looks.

People act differently based on their attitude, emotional state, and personality. Bibliography Psychology, C.R. Brown, 155-159 Social Issues.